[Chap. 16] Fifth Day

Fifth Day - hoya infinite jaejoong kyuhyun romance you twist - chapter image


Fifth day in Bangkok.

At 8am, you already arrived at hotel’s gym. You wore a purple tank top and short pants, with your favorite sport shoes. You ride a treadmill and starts to running. You put your headset and play random songs from your iPod. After 30 minutes, you start to sweat heavily while enjoying your sport session. You saw Hoya come into the gym, so you throw a smile at him and wave your hand. He noticed your presence and come toward you. He took the treadmill beside you, set it and starts running. Both of you exchange look and giggle.

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[Chap. 15] Fast and Fiancée

fast and fiancee - hoya infinite jaejoong kyuhyun romance you twist - chapter image


“Noona, what’s going on ?” Hoya’s voice surprised you.

He runs to you and hugs you tightly. He hasn’t changed his shirt and instead of shoes, he wore hotel’s slipper. His hair was in a mess. You coughed and he releases you from his arm.

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[Chap. 14] crash

crash - hoya infinite jaejoong kyuhyun romance you twist - chapter image


At the next moment he buckled his seatbelt, Seungyeol fall asleep immediately. Maybe he was too tired today. From CF filming and photo shot on the day, added to play around tonight surely spent the whole of his energy. When you notice Seungyeol was sleeping, you open your jacket, make it into a pillow-like-shaped and put it behind his neck, make it as a neck cushion for him. Seungyeol turns and adjust his position to the jacket pillow but didn’t wake up.

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[Chap. 12] A Stuntman ?

a stuntman - hoya infinite jaejoong kyuhyun you - chapter image

All of you arrived at Khaosan Road.

Sungjong insist to try mango sticky rice and want to try a fried grasshopper.
Sunggyu parks the car in front of a minimart at the end of the road since Khaosan road is car-free area.
You make sure everyone is close to you when you lead them to this area.
The bar was playing their music loudly. Some people enjoy the music, the food and some street performance. Anytime one of them stops to look, everyone will stop too. They were amazed with this kind of view. You giggle to see their surprise expression. They got excited to see everything.
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[Chap. 11] Fight and Play!

fight and play - hoya infinite jaejoong kyuhyun you - chapter image


You arrived at the lobby of your hotel with a bad mood. You meet Kyuhyun in the lobby.

He was sitting on the sofa with his camera and a blue plastic bag in his other hand. He stands up and walks towards you when he see you enter the main lobby.
“Ya! Where did you go? I called you a thousand times but you didn’t pick it up. I’m afraid you were collapsing. Why don’t you call me after you woke up? Are you okay ?” He asked too many questions and you felt annoyed.

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