[Chap. 4] I Tell You the Truth


“Hahaha… Your joke is so funny, Song,” manager Lee broke the silence with a loud laugh, make the other laughed too.

You were looking at him, move your stare to Assistant Kim and the rest of the boys. They laughed and continue their previous activity.

“Wow, you guys really a popular artist, aren’t you?” this time, you ducked your head, to whisper on Kris’s ear. He surprised with your sudden act and this kind of closeness.

“S-stop joking. It’s not funny if you said it twice.”

“But I mean it. Whatever, like I care.” You were whining to yourself.

“Anyway Song, where are you going? We can buy you a new phone and ride you. It’s our mistake, after all.”

“Huh?” you were daydreaming while suddenly manager asked you. Kris translates his words to you.

“Ah, I need to go to my brother’s place. I think it’s around Apgujong? Myeongdong? Hmm.. Let me check my phone. I have his full address here,” then you sighed. Kris asked you, “Why?”

“In fact, I saved my brother’s address and number on my phone. I couldn’t text or call him because my phone was broken, remember?”

“You can use my phone to call him.” Kris gives you his phone.

“The bad news is… I don’t remember his number. Maybe I have to send an email to him.”

“What kind of sister that doesn’t even remember her brother’s number?” Kris furrowed his brows.

“A good one, for sure.” Your sarcasm is not dying, yet.

“What’s going on, Kris?” manager Lee put some attention on both of you.

Kris explains to manager Lee that since you broke your phone, you couldn’t check your brother’s address or call him. He also mentioned that maybe you have to send an email to your brother.

“Okay, I see.” Manager Lee thinks for a while before he came with an advice,” You said that your brother’s place around Apgujong, right?” you nodded, he continue, “Okay, since SM building is in that area, we’ll go there first to drop the boys. Then we can go to buy a new phone for you then you can contact your brother to pick you up, okay?”

“Manager Lee, I think that’s too much. Instead of buying a new phone to me, can you help me to fix my broken phone? At least, check if it can be fixed. If not, that’s okay. I guess my company will give me a new Korean phone in the next three days. Don’t spoil me; it’s partly my mistake too. Kris, translate my words.” Kris did it again.

“Ah, okay. If you think it’s better for you.”

“Thank you.” you patted his shoulder and give him, your sincere smile.



In the next few minutes, the van arrived in front of SM Building. There are lots of fans waiting outside the building. The driver dropped all of you in front of the main door. You braved yourself to not drown in the crowd. You just follow Assistant Kim step’s in front of you when suddenly a camera lens poked your check. You tried to avoid it by moving to the left side but unfortunately a shoulder bumped into you hardly, made you fall backward to the ground. Before get drown in the crowd, a hand pull and drag you into the main door. He dragged you to the second room from the corner, where manager Lee and other boys put their belongings.

“Lost again, Song?” Kris smirks and put his backpack on the other side of the room. You tried to catch your breath before answer him,

“Are you okay?” he asked you. The one who asked is the one who dragged you all along.

“What’s your name?” you questioned.

“Chen.” He answered in short.

“Okay, Chen. First, I’m okay. Second, thanks for saving me from the crowd. Three, please don’t drag anyone with full force again. I sprained my ankle and with you dragging me like that, I think I broke my bone. Four, stop your smirk, Kris. And five, Kris please translate my words to Chen.” Finally you manage to catch your breath, then sit down and massage your sprained right ankle before –secretly- wipe your hand to your clothes.

“What is it again? Chen?” Manager Lee comes to you with worries.

“No… No… I-“

“That’s okay, manager Lee.” You assured him.”This is my fault, not Chen.”

“Can you walk?”

You tried to stand and walk, but yelp in pain to feel a weird hurt on your right ankle.

“I don’t think you can walk. Just stay here while I try to fix your phone. Kris, let her borrow your ipad so she can email her brother. Assistant Kim, please give her some painkillers and sprained spray. Then order some food for dinner. EXO K member will be here about 30minutes, so make sure to order extra portion. We’ll have dinner and daily meeting here. Boys, you can rest here. Don’t go out before I came back, okay? Is everything clear?” Manager Lee ordered everyone at once. Everyone nodded, except you in another blank and hurt expression.

“Your phone, please.” You handed your broken phone to manager Lee, and then he left the room.

Assistant Kim gives you sprained spray to reduce your pain. He took out some pills from his box and handed a glass of water to you.

“What’s this?”

“Painkiller.” He motioned you to drink it.

“I’m sorry Assistant Kim. I can’t take any medicine without my doctor permission. I think the sprained ankle spray is working well, so I don’t need the pills. But, thank you so much.” You refused politely. Kris helps you to explain this to him.

“Ah okay. If you need painkillers, just ask me later,” he smiled that stand up and walks to the door, “I’m going to order some food. Boys, don’t go out and wait the others here. Be good, okay?” the boys answered randomly to him.

After he left, Kris handed you his iPad.

“Here, you can email your brother. Do you even remember his email address?” he teased you.

“Sure, since I’m a good sister.” You look into his ipad,”But Kris, can you help me to write the email?”

“I think you sprained your ankle, not your hand.”

“I’m not but you set your language in Chinese, so I can’t read and use it.”

“Ah, sorry. I’ll open it for you. What’s your email?”

You told him your email address. Sitting beside him on the floor, you lean forward to him to see him typing. You didn’t notice that Kris’s face just another inch to yours. Your eyes locked on the screen.

“Hyung, what are you doing? You looked like about to kissing,” Luhan interrupt in Chinese. You looked at him and can’t hold your smile when he smiles at you. Kris gave him another glare then continue typing.

“What’s he said?” you whispered.

“Nothing. Here’s your email, there’s a new email.”

“It’s my brother email. Open it.” You order him, he did it unconsciously.


From: Red

I tried to text you, but guess you already on the plane. I forget to tell you that I have to go to Busan this evening to watch a summer concert. Don’t worry; I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon. Pass code to my apartment is 1106, so you can enter it directly. Don’t worries, I already clean your room. See you tomorrow!


“This kid.. Always give me a headache.” You massage your temple for the millions time. “Please reply his email, Kris” Kris just nodded and type what you said.

“Hey Bro, wrong timing. I broke my phone, forget your address and now trapped with strangers.” You said, Kris typed it when he realized,”You call us strangers? We are artist, you know?” he re-type the email again.

“Whatever. Just tell him to email me his address as soon as possible.” You lay down on the floor when he sends the email for you. A growl comes from another side of the room.

“Ah, I’m hungry. When is manager hung will come? I’m tired and hungry.” A tall man with dark circle were whining to the boy next to him.

“I don’t know. We have to wait for EXO K too.” Boy with dimple answered. Xiumin and Chen were busy play some game on the other side of room. You don’t need to understand Chinese to know that growl sound comes from a hungry stomach. You search something on your bag, pull out some chocolate and cookies you brought from home. Since you can’t think when you were hungry, you always put some snack on your bag.

“Hmm… Lao, do you want some chocolate?” you tried to speak in Korean. Broken Korean, to be exact, and with weird pronunciation too.

“Did she call me Lao? But my name is Tao. Maybe she calls you, Lay hyung.” Tao poked Lay, and pointed to you.

“Did you call me?” Lay asked.

“Yes, both of you. You wanna some chocolate?” You waved the chocolate bag on your hand to him.

“Is it good?” Tao asked, slowly come to you. You nodded and pour some chocolate chip into his hand. He took it and eat slowly, To his surprise, the chocolate melt sweetly in his mouth and burst out it’s content.

“Popping candy!”

“Yes, it’s popping candy chocolate. Delicious, right?”

“Huah. It’s my favorite! I love it, can I have it?”

“Here, you can have it all. Don’t forget to share.”

“Thank you, Song noona.” Tao smiled so widely before jumping to others and share the chocolate. Everyone ate a lot and amaze with the bursting feeling on it. They play happily with the chocolate too.


There’s a knock on the door and assistant Kim came with empty hand.

“Boys, change of plan. EXO K will go directly to the dorm. We’ll have our meeting there, so I already asked the delivery man to bring the food to our dorm. Ah, Song, manager Lee said that it will takes a day to fix your phone so he left it at the service center. Now he’s on the way to the dorm. I’ll drop you on our way to the dorm.”

Kris translates it for you. You bowed to Assistant Kim,”Thank you, Mr. Kim.”

“Kris, any reply from my brother?”

Kris checked his ipad again before answer your question, “Not yet.”

“Okay, please email him again to pick me at…” you stopped for a moment, “where’s the nearest hotel here?”

“I think, Seoul Hotel?”

“Okay, tell him to pick me up at Seoul Hotel tomorrow. Tonight I will stay there. Please tell Assistant Kim to drop me over there too.”


“Thank you so much, everyone.” You bowed deeply to Assistant Kim and the boys in the van. They were nicely enough to drop you at the Seoul Hotel, so you refuse their help to booking a room for you or accompany you into the lobby. You saw Xiumin yawned twice so you think it wouldn’t be nice if you hold them any longer.

“Are you sure? Will you be alright?”

“I’m fine, Kris. Thanks for your help today, I never meet any better translator than you,” you grinned to him.

He scoffed and closes the door in front of your face. Suddenly he opened it again and gives you a piece of paper.

“Here is manager Lee’s number. Call him tomorrow to take your phone.”

“Which one is his number? There are two numbers here.”

“The first one.” With that word, he closed the door and tells Assistant Kim to left the hotel.

The van were moving to the exit gate when Kris opened his window and yelled at you,

“The second one is mine, you clumsy and idiot girl.”






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