[Chap. 3] Reality Bites… Me.



You pointed your index finger to him.

No, not to Kris beside you, but the man who just walked pass your seat towards the lavatory.

Kris followed your finger to that man and talk in surprise, “You know Xiumin hyung?”


“You are a bad liar, you know. You even manage to recognize him from afar. Wow, you acted like you don’t know me.” Kris scoffed.


“Never mind.”

“Weird” you mumble by yourself and

“Kris, can I borrow you headphone? I lost- “a voice suddenly appeared beside Kris.

“Steamed bun!” you yelled unconsciously, too near with Kris’s ears. He closed his ears with both of his hand. Xiumin, the owner of the voice, look at you with surprise. His eyes were growing bigger.

“Ah, you!”

“Do you know each other?” Kris said.

“Crazy steamed bun. Look at what you’ve done. You broke my phone into pieces like this and you run away without saying anything,” you took your broken phone and shove it to his hands.”Okay, maybe you try to be responsible but you only give me $20, its even doesn’t enough to buy the soft case, do you think I can be fooled with your smile? Now tell me what should I do with my broken phone? I couldn’t contact my brother so I don’t know how to go to his apartment. My company driver couldn’t pick me up too. So tell me how I can continue my life without my phone because you broke my phone.”

Xiumin slightly shocked with your words, even though he only managed to understand ‘broken phone’ part. He looks at Kris, asking for help.

“Wait… do you mean with steam bun is Xiumin hyung? He broke your phone?” Kris pointed his finger to you and Xiumin, back and forth.

“Xiumin Hyung, you broke her phone?” He asked Xiumin in Korean.

“Ya, I bumped into her before boarding. I take responsible too, I give her money. I mean, at least I do something.” Xiumin explains.

Kris massages his temple. He starts to understand the situation.

After hearing your rapid words, a man on his middle age came to your sit.

“Kris, what’s going on?” He asked in Korean. Than Kris explain to him about the incident between you and Xiumin earlier. He nodded and faced you.

“Miss, I’m Lee Jong Suk, EXO manager. About previous incident, I’m really sorry. About your phone, we’ll change your phone as soon as we landed. I hope you wouldn’t share it on SNS or media. In return, you can take a picture with the members,” he talked in Korean. In fact, you fully understood his words with your limited Korean ability. But you have no idea what he’s talking about. So, you say no words and stare blankly at him.

“I don’t think she can speak Korean, hyung.” Xiumin whispered loudly.

“Ya, steamed bun. Just because I’m not Korean, doesn’t mean I don’t understand Korean. I just… can’t speak fluently in Korean.” You sneered at him.

“Is she calling me steamed bun again, Kris?” Xiumin pokes Kris’s hand.

You want to answer in Korean, but lost confidence in a second, decided to speak in English. “Sir, I have no idea about you’ve talking about. I just understand part of ‘change my phone’, so I expect you to buy me a new phone, right?” The manager stares back at you, blankly. You nudged Kris’s hand, “You translate my words to him.” Kris sighed and translates your words.

“Yes, we will buy you a new phone but you have to promise us to keep this as secret, okay? Kris, translate my words to her.” The Manager pokes Kris. Kris did as told.

“What secret? Kris, translate my words,” Kris did it.

“About Xiumin broke your phone. I believe this is not good news to be shared on social media. Please do it as part of support your idol,” Manager Lee poke Kris again, “translate to her” Kris did it again.

“Sir, I don’t understand. Why do you asked me to keep this incident from media as part of support my idol? I don’t even think Lee Soo Man will like this idea.” you got confused, Kris translates your words to his manager, automatically.

“What? You know Lee Soo Man? Oh My God, I think you made a big mistake, Xiumin. Let’s apologize.” Manager Lee shocked with your answer, than he dragged Xiumin and pushed him to bow deeply to you. You got confused and so is Kris.

“Miss, I’m really sorry. Please forgive Xiumin. He doesn’t know what he did. Once we landed, we’ll buy a new phone for you and ride you home, okay?” He bows repeatedly, causing you to stop him and grab his shoulder.

“Sir, that’s okay. I’m fine.”

Suddenly the pilot announced that your plane will be landed in few minutes, so every passengers need to go back to their sit.

“Ah, we are going to be landed. Miss, sorry for give you trouble. Really sorry, once again.” The manager look at Kris, “Kris, tell her to not worry. And please be nice to her, since she has relation with our boss. I’m going back to my seat. You should go back too, Xiumin.” Then he smiled once again to you, before back to his seat. Xiumin scratch his head and back to his seat after give your broken phone pieces back to your hand.

You tossed it to your bag and fasten your seat belt.

“Manager Lee told you to not worry. He will buy a new phone and ride you home. Are you okay with that?”Kris spoke while he fastens his seat belt.

“Sounds okay for me.”

“I don’t know that you know Lee Soo Man?” he speaks slowly.

“World is so big, you know?”


After landed in Incheon Airport, you take your time to pass the immigration area and take your luggage. Manager Lee told you to wait near the baggage claim area because he needs to take care of something. You just follow his command and sit near the baggage area.

In the next couple of minutes, you grow tired and sit down, then take your knee into your chest. You buried your head without care about your surroundings.

“Miss, are you okay?” someone patted your shoulder lightly. You raise your head sleepily. In front of you, Manager Lee stood with baggage trolley. The most surprising thing was not the number of baggage in his trolley but 8 people behind him –including Kris and Xiumin- with red tone-clothes, that one you saw at airplane.

Manager Lee must be realized your surprise when he said, “Ah sorry for make you waiting. This is Assistant Kim, second manager.”He introduces you to a man in his late twenties beside him. Kris automatically translate his words, you and him exchange bows.

“And this is member of EXO M. You already met Kris and Xiumin, the rest are Lay, Luhan, Chen and Tao.” He gives code to the boys to bow to you, and you automatically bow to them too.

“This is Miss ..” Manager Lee stopped. You realized that you haven’t told anyone your name.

“ —. My name is —-.” To be honest, your name sounds so unfamiliar with Korean, and not to mention hard to spell too by Korean native,” You can call me Song. That’s my nickname.”

Kris translates your words to others, again.

“Okay Song, that’s easier to say.” Manager Lee laughed slightly.”We’ll be out through gate 3. Please follow our way; the company van is ready at the exit gate. Just walk to the van, ignore anything okay?”


“Never mind. Just walk behind us and get into the black van at gate 3. Kris, you take care of her since only you can communicate with her.” Manager Lee gives up, take your baggage to his trolley and lead your way to exit gate.

The other boys took a glance at you and smile, and then follow their manager.

Kris shrugged and patted your shoulder, “Just follow us, everything will be okay.”

“What is it now?” you mumble and follow their way.

There is a big commotion near the exit gate. Crowd of people outside yelling and shouting but you couldn’t hear clearly what they said. You tried to keep the same pace with Kris but failed due to your short leg –silently you blame Kris for his long legs-. You drawn in the crowd, and realize that they shouted Kris, Xiumin and other boys name. One signboard hits you on your temple. You yelp in pain and take the signboard from the owner hands. “Kris, I Love You” is the words written on that stupid signboard. You take notice to other signboard which shows variety of picture and name on it. Names of 6 boys that just introduced to you.

Your brain starts to grasp the situation from earlier, connecting every piece together.

Reality bites you. Hard.

“Song, what are you doing? Let’s go,” a hand pull you from the crowd. Kris’s hand.

Both of you run from the crowd, to the black van, with lots of people chasing you.

You enter the van and sit on the middle, since the other boys already filled the back seats. Manager Lee sits on the front seat and Assistant Kim on your left side. Kris come after you and closes the door. In a second, the van left the airport.

You broke the silence by saying in broken Korean,”Are you guys’ celebrity or something?”

8 pairs of eyes look at you in instant, feels like burning a hole on your head.



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