[Chap. 18] not a real goodbye, i guess


Noona….” A pair of puppy eyes now staring in front of you. His hand waves an ice cream cone happily.

You sigh and stand from your seat.

“Noona, sorry.” He murmured softly and grabs your wrist. You looked at his puppy eyes and sighed.

“No more sorry next time.” You take the ice cream and licked it, “and tell your hyungs to not hide and let you being the scapegoat.” Sungjong smiles in victory and yelled, “you heard that hyungs.. Come out.”

The other five come out from behind the wall and hug you in a group.

“Thank you, Noona.”

“Sorry Noona,”

“I never know that you are a racer, Noona.”

“I think I will die if you drove us like that”

They shout in unison, make you laugh even more.

“Ya, hands off. Let me go or I will sue you for sexual harassment,”

“But looks like you enjoyed it,” a deep voice disturb your brother-sister moment with Infinite. You turn your head and found Sunggyu with their entire luggage. You smile to see his grumpy face and decided to run to him.

“Aigoo… our Sunggyu is bad mood now,” you pinch his cheek and hug him tightly, make his check blushed in red, “sorry for not tell you about the accident. Just don’t take it seriously, okay?” he nodded with your small explanation. Then suddenly the remaining member run to Sunggyu and hug him in a group too. Now, eight of you laugh with this random action.

“What’s this? Reunion?” Jung Hyo Ahn, Infinite main manager cut your moment.

“Just random as usual, Mr. Jung. Sorry,” you tried to get out from the group hug.

“Ah, Ms.Song,” he shakes your hand,”Thanks for drove the boys here. And thanks for the job, guess I will see you soon,”

“What job, hyung?” Myungsoo interrupt. You wave your hand panicky.”N-Nothing. Right, Mr. Jung?” you smiled awkwardly in front of Mr. Jung, ‘I haven’t told them’ you mouthed to him.

Mr.Jung understand and scratch his back while answer,”N-Nothing to do with you guys. Let’s check in. Our flight will take off soon.” Then he left the boys to the entrance gate.

Infinite took their luggage from the trolley and bid you goodbye. You gave an extra hug to maknae Sungjong. When they entered the gate, your phone vibrated.

A message on your ktalk from Woohyun.

“No worries, we knew your story since the first time we met you on our first CF. With Sunggyu’s unsealed-mouth, how could we don’t know? Hehee…  I believe you will be our sister in law in the future. Song— fighting!!! Annyeong—- *ppyong* ❤ <3”

So, this is explained why the members don’t pay attention to your story. They already knew but just want to confirm it with you. Aish… this greasy man.. you replied his message with big grin.

“So, I got punkd now? Be careful, I will send an assassin for you. ”

A replied comes faster than you expected.

“Don’t smile foolishly when you are in public, alone. You looked like a pabo.”

You had taken a back with the message and relook the sender. Anonymous number again.

“Han Jaejun, you’ll be dead soon.” You whispered and looking around, start to find him.


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