[Chap. 1] Turning Point


“Everyone, pay attention to me, please!” Your boss shouted from his cubicle, across your cubicle. In instant you stood up from your chair, exchange glances with your college on your right and left side. Some of your friends shrugged to your glances, waiting for hopefully-a-good news from your boss.

“We won the pitch! SK Company will be our biggest client! No need to worry for this year bonus, outing and so on. We won!” Your boss yelled and clapped his hands in glee.

You whispered loudly “SK Company? The biggest advertiser in this country? The multinational company with more than hundred brand across the world?” Your boss stared at you with a big grin in his face and answered, “Yes, we won those crazy pitches and the other news is….” He stopped for a while, come closer to you and put his hand on your shoulder, ”They want you to handle their account.”

One of your co-worker yelled, ”Wow, EXO and INFINITE are the latest model of their notebook, you are so lucky to meet my idol!”. “So lucky, you can get freebies of their product!” another co-worker clapped his hands. “Great job!” Your bossed put his hand on his chest and said dramatically, “Congratulations, your idea was brilliant. Thank you so much for saving this company. I don’t know how to bla..bla..” and you couldn’t hear the rest of his words or the way your friends come to hug and say another congratulation message because suddenly you feel blank on your mind.

SK Company, Model, Freebies ….Life, Are you kidding me?


You gulped another glass of beer.

“Slow down…slow down… even though you are not teenager anymore doesn’t mean you can drink too much beer.” Your mom scolded you softly. You let out a small laugh.

“Mom, you have no idea. Maybe I couldn’t drink another beer anymore starts from next week,” you sighed. You and your mom were in your backyard, grilled some meat to celebrate her birthday. Only you and your mom in that house cause your father were working in another country to make living. Your brother were school abroad too.

“Good for you then, I don’t like a drunken kid,” your mom flipped the meat on the grill. Nice smell floated in the air. You put your glass on the table, poured another kind of beer into your glass before continue your statement.

“You know Mom, the SK Company?”

Your mom took a slight glance at you and continues with what her doing, “That big company who made your beer?” You nodded slowly and said, “Yes, the one who made this great beer. SK company… the one who made your television, the one who made your favorite dress, the one who made your window, even they made your spatula.”

“What’s wrong with them?”

You took another gulp and answer, “I’m going to handle those company, starts from next week.”

Your mom beamed with your answer, “That’s great news! So you mean that we can get freebies of their product?”

“Mom…” you said lazily, “By handling those company means I have to be their strategic planner for all of their brands, which means… will take all of my time. I have a feeling that maybe I will end up in loneliness of a workaholic,” you faked a sob. Your mom put the grilled meat into the plate and hand it out to you, “I never understand your job, actually. So what did you do? Making those advertising on television?” she asked slowly and feed you the meat. You took a bite and chewed on it.

“Mom, you always asking the same question but you never gets that, aren’t you? Your lovely daughter is working as strategic planner in an advertising agency. Yes, you are right that we make those advertising on TV. But my job is more than that. I have to make an integrated marketing strategy for brand client, to make sure they can achieve their objective. It starts from ideas, creative, implementation on above the line or below the line media up to research and consumer feedback. In short, I made strategy to sell the product,” you explained with hope your mother will understand. It’s not her fault, after all, if she doesn’t get it because your job is mostly behind the scene and not a popular job like doctor, writer etc.

Your mom nodded and smile, “So, you can get the freebies from SK Company?”

“MOOOMMMMM” you cried.


In a meeting, a week after….

“I like your idea about having regional launching activation for our newest product. It’s clear and sure will have a big impact to our reputation as global company. We have 6 months preparations until the product ready in the market. Do you think we can make it?” Mr. Allan Tan asked you directly. He stood in front other SK Company stakeholders; explain the details of marketing plan for their newest product.

You answer his questions with confidence,” Sure Mr. Tan, we have a perfect product, perfect supporting system and perfect company already. An extra plan like this will just completed the whole campaign, I think.”

“You are too humble Ms.—  we love your idea and we’ll let you lead this project.” Mr. Kim Jae Ho, the CEO of SK Company clapped his hands, “Great job, Allan, you choose a great agency and strategic planner this time. When we achieve great result this time, don’t forget to remind me to promote you as Regional Marketing Director, okay? I’m going first now.” He shake Allan’s hand then turn to shake your hand, “See you in South Korea, Ms.—. I hope you will enjoy your stay.“

You titled your head, didnt get what he said.

“Ah, i forget to tell you. We need to do this project from SK Company head quarters in South Korea. Your boss already prepared your visa and everything. You need to move to Korea next week.” Allan Tan smiles at you.

Move? South Korea? What ?



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