[Chap. 17] Infinite Patience


You took a glance at Sungjong who put an extra baked mushroom on the top of your bowl. Realize your glance, he just smile widely and put his fist on his check and mouthed ‘buing buing’.

“Ya Lee Sungjong, you-“Sunggyu yelled from across the table. You just burst out laugh without voice. You patted Sungjong’s shoulder softly; reassure him who looks annoying with the leaders yell.

“Don’t show your aegyo during lunch time, Ya Lee Sungjong” Sunggyu lowered his voice when he saw you patted maknae’s shoulder, “at least not when we eat with outsider.” You looked up to him, can’t believe that he refer you as ‘outsider’. But he is busily eating the soup, as if nothing happened.

You cleared your throat, “Ya Kim Sunggyu, what do you mean?” he just sigh, ignoring you and keep eating. Under the table, you kicked his leg with your heels.

“Aww..It’s hurt, you little brat” He grinned in pain, massage his leg to sooth the pain while glare at you.

“Hyung, why are you like this? It’s rude, you know? Noona is older than you.” Hoya joined the conversation from your right side. You smile widely to Hoya, but the moment you looked at Sunggyu, you freeze.

“Just a few months born earlier doesn’t change anything. This’ thing’ is same age with me, so I don’t have to talk formally.”

“So now I am referred as ‘thing’? Just don’t forget that you ever begged my love on your knee.” You scoffed and continue eating. The other members stay in silence, waiting for the next shout.

“Aish really… do you need to brag about it?” Sunggyu irritated. Sungyeol can’t stand this anymore.

“Hyung… are you jealous?” he said innocently and other members shoot a glare at his unexpected remark.

“Why should I? Mind to tell me the reason?” Sunggyu is cutting his meat angrily, and stare back at you.

“Don’t try to stare at me while you need to learn how to open your eyes properly first.” You smiled.

“Ya! It’s a lame story when we were in the kindergarten, do you need to insult me with my innocence?”

“Ya! It’s not me to start it first. Do you need to be so annoying? Out of 365 days of this year, why do you picked this day to be in the bad mood? At least choose a day when you are alone.”

Unconsciously, the other member nodded with your statement. Since morning, the leader seems in the bad mood. He yelled, correct anything and easily angry with small incident.

“Don’t say anything about my eyes.” Sunggyu continue to nag at you.

“Oh yeah? I can’t insult your eyes now? Say someone who uses this as reason to kiss me.” Your word stabbed the others. Now they are waiting curiously. What’s going on between you and their leader is a big mystery now.

“Wow, you hold your grudge for so long-“

“I’m good at this.” You cut his word.

“Stubborn as ever-“

“I’m born with iron in my head” you cut his word, again.

“Listen to me firs-“

“Guess I left my ears at my room.” Now you sound so annoying for him. You throw the napkin to the table, “Let’s go boys, I will drive you to the airport. I feel worry to let you alone with this annoying leader.” You gestured everyone to follow you. Hoya and Sungjong look at you and Sunggyu for a second before decided to follow you, then followed by Dongwoo, Myungsoo and Sungyeol. Woohyun patted Sunggyu’s shoulder before he left. Sunggyu loss at words and kicked his leg in the air,

“Aishh.. I never win to you. Even my members betray me…”


Fortunately, you rent a car today. Actually you plan to survey filming location today. But since Infinite will go back to Korea, you took some time to send them back. Their managers go in their van, with Sunggyu and all luggages. The remaining members will go to airport with you.

You start the engine and drove off, leaving the van behind, with Sunggyu stands beside it. Let him choke with the smoke from your car. You grin from behind the steering wheel, ‘sorry gyu’ you mouthed.

The others start chattering between themselves when suddenly Sungjong yelled from behind.

“Noona, you owned us explanation” everyone stops their activities and all eyes landed on you.

“What? Why our magnae yelled at me?” you said in sarcastic tone. Sungjong waves his hand panicky, “No.. Not.. I mean, I want to ask but the hyungs are so loud so I need to yell.”

He tried to save the atmosphere while Hoya who sits on the front seat said, “and now you are blaming your hyungs for being so loud?” silence in a second before you burst out a laugh.

“Stop acting you guys. I know you are curious.” Still silence, “And Dongwoo, close your mouth. A bug might come in.” Dongwoo snapped back and laugh. His laugh is so contagious so everyone now laughing.

“Noona, please tell us….” Magnae Sungjong starts to whining.

“Okay kids. Let me concentrate on the road. I won’t let accident like last night happened again.”

“What happened last night?” Myungsoo blurted out. *Dang, he is sharp* you are caught off guard. You realize 6 pairs of eyes burning a hole on your back so you smile, awkwardly.

After long argue, finally you let them know what happened last night. Dongwoo keep hitting Hoya for not wake him up last night while Sungjong keep feeling guilty about it. Myungsoo nodded and tried to understand the situation but suddenly he pointed out the fact that maybe…

“I guess this is the reason of Sunggyu hyung bad mood today.” He talked to himself but loud enough to your ear.

“I don’t think he knew what happened last night. I didn’t tell anyone.” You argue.

“Maybe he unintentionally heard your conversation? He is the type that easily get bad mood if something happened under his nose but he’s the last one to know.” Myungsoo pointed out again. He’s right.

“I guess I need to explain later. His habit never changes since—“

“Noona, now explain about your relationship with Sunggyu hyung. Are both of you dating… before?” finally Hoya voiced out the biggest matter. You chuckled.

“Sorry for disappointing you with our lame story. We were classmate from kindergarten until I left to states, around my fourth grade in elementary school. He used to like me back then, so he asked me out on his knee. It’s the most random thing I ever know. I mean, come on.. how a kindergarten kid knew about love. He must be watching those cheesy romantic movies.”

“And what about the kiss?” Hoya continued.

“Wow, you wouldn’t let me off, will you ?” you tease him and ruffle his hair,” It’s a lame story. We were being Snow White and Prince Charming in a school drama, and you know the scene when the prince has to kiss snow white to wake her up? Our teacher told him to kiss my forehead but he kissed me on the lips at that moment so I kicked him. Later he insists that due to his small eyes, he couldn’t see properly and think that my lips are my forehead. What a lame story, isn’t it?” you turn to see members reaction.

But in fact they busy with their own activities. Myungsoo practice his drama script, Dongwoo teach Woohyun to play LinePop, Sungjong and Sungyeol already doze off on their seat and Hoya, who seat beside you is busy with his phone. No one give attention to your story.

“YA! YOU GUYS WANNA DIE???”  You scream and hit the gas pedal.

“Noona !!!!!”


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