[Chap. 16] Fifth Day

Fifth Day - hoya infinite jaejoong kyuhyun romance you twist - chapter image


Fifth day in Bangkok.

At 8am, you already arrived at hotel’s gym. You wore a purple tank top and short pants, with your favorite sport shoes. You ride a treadmill and starts to running. You put your headset and play random songs from your iPod. After 30 minutes, you start to sweat heavily while enjoying your sport session. You saw Hoya come into the gym, so you throw a smile at him and wave your hand. He noticed your presence and come toward you. He took the treadmill beside you, set it and starts running. Both of you exchange look and giggle.

“Feeling better?” he starts it first. You turn off your iPod; pull out your headset, to make a conversation with him.

“Feeling better? For what?” you asked playfully.

“For tricked me, last night.” He answered without looking at you, still running on his treadmill.

Silence for a second, then you burst out of laughing.

“Ya! Ho Aegi, are you still angry about it? Haha… come on. Kyuhyun is just joking about that fiancée thing. He likes to tease anyone.” You laughed and recall your last night memory.


“Princess?”Hoya repeats what Kyuhyun have said in question.

Kyuhyun smirks to him, ” You hear no wrong. Is that weird to call my fiancée like that?”


‘Fi..Fiancée?” Sungyeol repeated what Hoya’s said before, from the door. Hoya’s jaw dropped and his big eyes stare at you.
Jaejun makes no move, just watching your reaction.
You let go a small laugh and hit Kyuhyun’s arm lightly.
“Ya! It’s past midnight already. What kind of joke is that? Don’t lie to those innocent guys.” You look to hoya, “let’s go back. Your manager will scold me if he knows you are here now.”
You walk toward Hoya, and practically drags him and Seungyeol out from the room. Kyuhyun just smirked and following you from behind with Jaejun.

*end of flashback*


“Noona, I was so shocked, you know? What if I got a heart attack?” Hoya’s voice snapped you out from your memory.

“Haha… just take it as a pinch of salt, will you?”


“Even though he likes to tease, joke and sometime lil bit stubborn and annoying, Kyuhyun is a good man. He never had bad intention to anyone.” you smiled to praise your good friend. Hoya didn’t say anything, he fasten his run and look away from you.

“Hoya Hyung!” suddenly Sungjong’s voice can be heard in the gym. He runs from the door and catches his breath, before he arrived in front of you.

“Hi, magnae! Why are you yelling like that?” you said and turn off your treadmill. You tired but feel refreshed at the same time.

“Oh, Noona. Nothing… Humm… Hoya Hyung, can I borrow your extra bag? There’s no room in my luggage anymore but I still have tons of gift to be brought back home. Please let me borrow yours.” He whines to Hoya.

Hoya thinks for a second before said, “Why should I lend you my bag? You brought the car and left us last night. Indirectly, you make her into an accident, don’t you feel guilty?” Hoya took a glance at me.

Sungjong put a sad expression and look to me, “Noona, I’m really sorry about last night. If only I didn’t eat those grasshopper maybe you wouldn’t get those incident. I’m –“

“Nothing to regret, I’m fine after all. No worries.” You patted his head but he still put that sad expression, you noticed and turn to Hoya, who still running on treadmill. “Hoya, why don’t you lend him your bag? It wouldn’t hurt you, right?”

Hoya let out a sigh before step down from his treadmill, “As you wish, Noona.” He faces Sungjong, “call yourself lucky, then.”

Sungjong looks surprise and hug you immediately.

“Komawo, Noona!”

“Ya! Hands off!”Hoya pulls Sungjong out from you. You only giggle with his action but Sungjong pouted.

You take your towel and bid goodbye,” see you on dinner. I will treat all of you. Since we couldn’t have fun last night.”

Hoya and Sungjong freeze for a moment, exchange stare to each other before Sungjong said quietly, “but we are leaving to Korea after lunch time…”


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