[Chap. 15] Fast and Fiancée

fast and fiancee - hoya infinite jaejoong kyuhyun romance you twist - chapter image


“Noona, what’s going on ?” Hoya’s voice surprised you.

He runs to you and hugs you tightly. He hasn’t changed his shirt and instead of shoes, he wore hotel’s slipper. His hair was in a mess. You coughed and he releases you from his arm.

He notice the blood spots on your clothes and his eyes widened,“Noona, what is this?” his voice filled with shock.
Suddenly Sungyeol hit his shoulder, “Ya! Don’t be so noisy in the hospital. We shouldn’t get recognize here. You came here alone, don’t you?”
Hoya nodded and shut his mouth off. Now, he sits beside you, waiting for your explanation.
Instead of give him explanation; you scold Sungyeol, whom sit lazily beside you with eyes half-closed.
“Sungyeol-ah, why are you calling him here?” You poked his check.

Sungyeol look at you with his big eyes,“am I not allowed telling them, Noona?”
“No, I mean… Not now. At least until I finished all of this problem.” you replied with low voice.

Hoya couldn’t hear your conversation so he grabbed your wrist to get your attention back,
“Noona ?” He is waiting for your answer. You faked a cough then face him.
“Hoya, are you come here alone? Did the other member know about this?”

“No. They slept already. I confused why it took long time for your taxi to arrive at hotel. When I called Sungyeol and he said you were here, so I take a taxi and here I am. Noona, tell me is there something wrong happened?” He looks worry over you.

“No, everything is okay. Just a little incident occurred on our way back to hotel. Our taxi tried to avoid something on the road but ended up spun and bumped to the lighting road. Nothing serious.” you tried to calm him down.
“But, what is that?” Hoya pointed to the blood spot on your clothes.
“It’s Jaejun’s. The back windshield was broken because of the accident. Jaejun protects me while he covered me from the broken glass with his body. So… this is blood from him.” you sound sad.
“Are you okay? And where is he now?”
“Inside. The Doctor is trying to take out some pieces of broken glass from his neck and ear. Hopefully-“ your words cut by the sound of door opened. You stand up and go to the doctor. He gives you a smile and patted your shoulder.
“He’s okay.” then he leave you in front of the door. Hoya followed your step into the room.

You meet Jaejun on his bed. He stepped down from the bed, searching for something.
“Hey, are you okay? What are you looking for?”
He nodded but not answers your questions. His neck and ear covered with white bandage…
“What are you looking for, Hyung?” Hoya asked him for you.
“A little black bag. I put my camera there. Did you see it?” Give up, Jaejun turn his eyes to you.
Ah, that one. I asked Kyuhyun to keep it. Don’t worry.” your answer makes Hoya to wince his forehead.
“Kyuhyun hyung was here too?” He wonders about how many times Kyuhyun appears in your life. Hoya didn’t know detail relationship between you and Kyuhyun.
“Yes, I’m here.” Kyuhyun walks in and give the black bag to Jaejun.”Here is your bag. I already finished all of administration things. We can go back to hotel now, if you are okay. Or maybe you want to stay here for a night?”
“No. I’m okay” Jaejun shook his head, he slung the bag to his broad shoulder.

Kyuhyun patted your shoulder,“Everything is okay. No need to worry. I already paid the compensation for the taxi driver too. Let’s go back to hotel before someone notice about this incident.” Kyuhyun turns his head to Hoya, which standing beside you. “We shouldn’t let you appears on tomorrow’s headline, right?” Hoya faked a cough and avoid kyuhyun’s glare.

“Kyuhyun-ah…” you hugged him,“thanks for helping me, again.”

“You’re welcome, Princess.” Kyuhyun smiles at you and gives you his jacket.

“Princess?” Hoya repeats what Kyuhyun have said in question.

Kyuhyun smirks to him, ” You hear no wrong. Is that weird to call my fiancée like that?”

“Fiancée ?!!!! “


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