[Chap. 14] crash

crash - hoya infinite jaejoong kyuhyun romance you twist - chapter image


At the next moment he buckled his seatbelt, Seungyeol fall asleep immediately. Maybe he was too tired today. From CF filming and photo shot on the day, added to play around tonight surely spent the whole of his energy. When you notice Seungyeol was sleeping, you open your jacket, make it into a pillow-like-shaped and put it behind his neck, make it as a neck cushion for him. Seungyeol turns and adjust his position to the jacket pillow but didn’t wake up.

Jaejun sat beside you without any words. He follows your action with his eyes. He saw various sides of you today, felt weird yet amaze at the same time. But since you were too busy with your mind, you didn’t pay attention to him who stare at you intensely..
You didn’t say anything because your mind was wandering around, thinking about your other project for tomorrow. You count your day and realize that you only have 3 more days in Thailand to finish everything before you go back to Korea for a day. After that, you must be ready to go to Hongkong for another CF filming. You let out a sigh without realizing it, you felt you need another assistant to help you in this. You have Andrew and Arvy for back you up while you travel around but still you need more help. In fact, since you are a perfectionist, nothing can be done without your knowing. It can be troublesome, sometimes. Most likely when you have more than three projects at the same time. You love your works, so even though it must be tiring for you, you never felt worn out.
When you love something, you will be happy to do it, right?
Suddenly, you heard a soft ringing tone. You know it wasn’t your phone, because yours was ran out battery. You steal a glance at Jaejun beside you. He was staring at his phone and smile widely. It looks like he read any message, and type a reply with a fast pace.

“Wow, you can type that fast. Kids nowadays…” you broke the silence. He turns his face to you,
“Its qwerty keypad so it’s very easy.” He replied with a blank look, as if you never know about it.

You nodded. Your phone and tablet was a touch screen one, so you never have a qwerty keyboard phone.
You look with interest, he notices it and give you his blackberry.
“Have a try.” You look at him with are-you-sure look. He continues,”just try. Then you can buy one like this tomorrow, female Gu Jun Pyo.”
You hit his arm lightly. But you take his offer, take his phone and start to type. It was fun and faster, your small finger were dancing on the keypad.
“Wow, you are a fast learner.” Suddenly he said, his face only inches away from you. Reflex, you put your hands in front of your face, prevent same case happened again. You were really afraid that he might kiss you like he did before.
Jaejun laugh to see your action, “Ya! What are you doing ?”

“I’m afraid you will do the same.”


“That thing. At the airport, you know!” You shouted, still on your defense position. Jaejun freeze for a second then burst out laughing.

“Ya! I’m not going to kiss you. Why should I?”

“Why shouldn’t you ?” You mock him.

He grabs your hand to pull it away from your face,“listen, I’m really sor-“


Your taxi tried to avoid something. The car crash into something hard and you felt the worlds spun around your head. No words out from your mouth, but the last thing you heard is Seungyeol’s scream. Your head hit the window very hard and you lost your consciousness for a second.
You felt a terrible headache on your head. You try to adjust your blurry vision. Someone hugs you tightly, protect you from the broken windshield. You felt something streaming down on your check to your collarbone.  You touch it, it was bloody.

Your eyes widened to see the fresh red blood.
No, it wasn’t your blood. You didn’t feel any pain or wound.

You look up and saw him.

Is this his blood ?


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