[Chap. 13] Reconciliation

reconciliation - hoya infinite jaejoong kyuhyun you - chapter image


“I guess I’m going to leave now.” You broke the silence between you and Han Jaejun.

You check your watch. It’s almost the time to meet up Infinite boys. You won’t let them panic to look at you.

“Where are you going?” He said in a curious tone.
“Leaving.” You answered carelessly. You crossed the road but he keeps following you.
He hesitates for a while. “Hmm.. Can I go with you?”
“Since I lost my wallet, can I go with you? I mean, can you drive me back to the hotel?”
“Oh, about it..”
You opened your wallet and handed him some cash. “Use it for a taxi. I need to find my friends first.”
He stares at the money in his hand, suddenly burst out of anger.
“Ya! Female Go Jun Pyo, I’m not a beggar. Tsk.. Why are you so arrogant?”
“What? I saved your life and you said I’m arrogant? I can’t  believe this,”
“Yes you are stubborn girl. No, you must be a man in your previous life.”

You chuckle in mad, took a deep breath before shout back,“yes, I’m not a girl. I’m a man. Happy now? You kissed a man!”
“Kiss ?” A shock voice can be heard from your back.

You turned back and try to clear your throat when you see him. Why is this kid always come out at the wrong time ?


You dial Sunggyu’s number in a hurry. But he didn’t pick up your phone.

You dial Sungyeol’s number but he didn’t pick up too. L and Dongwoo’s phone were switched off while Woohyun’s number is unreachable.

The last hope is to call Sungjong.
While waiting for the connecting sound, you take a look at Hoya who sits in front of Jaejun and observe him with a sharp gaze.
You let go out a sigh.
“Hoya, what’s wrong?” You waved your hand in front of his face.

He blinked his eyes then stands up and drag you away, about 5 m from Jaejun.
“Noona, are you sure he’s not Kim Jaejoong sunbaenim ? He is exactly like him.” Hoya whispered in your ears, afraid Jaejun will hear.
“Sure, like I’ve to explain to you before. Because of his job as a stuntman, he took a surgery too. That’s the risk of his job, maybe.”
“Hmm.. Are you sure ? I’m not really sure about this. Something’s wrong with him.”
Hoya rubbed his back head.
“Don’t think too much. Our concern now is to find your other hyungs. No one has picked up my calls.” You dial Sungjong’s number again.
This time he picks it up.
“Maknae ya, where are you?” You put your phone on loudspeaker so Hoya can hear too.
“Noona, I’m at a hotel already. I ate fried grasshoppers and I puked. So, I asked Sunggyu Hyung to accompany me back to the hotel. Did he tell you ?” Sungjong’s voice can be heard clearly.
“No, he didn’t pick up his phone. So, where’s the other? Are you okay now? Should I buy some medicine for you?”
“I’m okay, Noona. Don’t worry. I don’t know where the other hyungs go. Maybe still playing over there? By the way, we took the car with us earlier. Should we pick you up later, Noona ?”
He offered but before you can answer, the call got cut off suddenly. Your phone battery was drained. And unfortunately, Hoya’s phone was drained too.
Having no other choice, you borrow Jaejun’s phone to call the rest of the member. You type Woohyun’s number in fast. No answer, you type Seungyeol’s.
“Wow, you memorized their number ?” Jaejun commented on your action.”Or because you call them so often?”

“Shut up.” You hissed to him,” I’m good at memorizing everything, including the way you treat me at the airport earlier.” Hoya looks at your eyes, make a –what’s going on-face with you. But you ignore his expression and type L’s number now. But no one picks up the phone.

You give the phone back to Jaejun, grab Hoya’s wrist and walks back to the Khaosan Road.

“Where are we going?” Hoya asked you while you drag him along. Jaejun follows you from behind, deepens his hat to close almost half of his face.

“We’ll find your hyungs, stay closer to me, make sure no one recognizes us.” You murmured near his ear. Hoya nodded and let you take the lead.

Three of you sweep the Khaosan area, trying to find the others in the crowd. You were worried they get into the trouble and regret your decision to let them walks alone. Along the road, Hoya was holding your hand, make sure he didn’t lose you. With his body, he protects you from the crowd.

Finally, you found Woohyun, L, Dongwoo and Sungyeol in front of the convenience store, at the end of Khaosan Road. At the exact place where Sunggyu parks the car before. They sat in the plastic chair and eat ramen cup with delight. Their laugh became harder when you get close to them.

“Hyung!” Hoya yelled to them, they look surprised to see you runs to them and surprise when you flicked their forehead one by one.

“Noona, it hurts. Wae?” Sungyeol wincing in pain, but still with a smile on his face.

“Who told you not to pick up my call ? I was looking for you, you know? Aish this kiddos, don’t think I will ask you out again,” you crossed your arms now. You pouted, not really angry with them, but maybe over worried about them. Yeah, since you have to take care their celebrity status.

L finished his ramen and throw it to the dust bin, “Sorry Noona, I didn’t hear your call. When I want to call you back, your phone was off.” He realizes something, “Wait, someone called me with unfamiliar Korean number but I didn’t pick it up, is that you ?

You just found out that you called them with jaejun’s phone. So, it’s understandable if they won’t pick up unfamiliar call.

“Ah, that’s right. That’s me. I borrowed Jaejun’s phone.”

“Jaejun? Who ?” Dongwoo ask with curiosity.

“Jaejun is….”You look at your back to introduce Jaejun, ” Ya! Han Jaejun!”

Everyone looks in the direction of your view. Jaejun stands a Lil bit far from you. When you call and waved to him, he comes towards you. You grab his hand to stand closer to you,

“He is-“

“Kim Jaejoong sunbaenim ?” L sounds surprise and suddenly bow 90’ to him. The other follows his action. You burst of laughing,

“Yo, kids. You got fooled. He’s not Kim Jaejoong.” The other stares at you, didn’t understand. You continues,” He might looks like him, but he is not. He is the stuntman of Kim Jaejoong. You know, someone who replaces you to do several dangerous actions. He even took a surgery to be more like him too.”  No one responds your explanation. They observed Jaejun with high curiosity.

“Okay, okay lets go back to the hotel now. I’m tired.” You turned around to face jaejun, “where’s your hotel?”

“Hotel K.” He replied shortly.

“Good. Same hotel with us, you can take a taxi with me.” You turned back to the other boys, “Since Sunggyu brought the car back, we have to take a taxi. Do you still have cash?”

Sungyeol jumps to you, “Noona, I’ll go with you. I run out of money, hehe,” you sigh and nodded to this childish boy, “Dongwoo ya, how about you ?” Dongwoo checks his wallet and grinning widely.

“I guess I don’t have Thailand Baht anymore.” He shows his Korean Won but none of Thailand baht can be seen.

You look at L and Woohyun, whom shook his head immediately.

“Aish.. You call your self celebrity? What kind of celebrity are you? This time, you own me a lot guys.”

“I’ll pay you back in Korea, Noona.” SUngyeol smiles happily.

“Okay, make sure you will treat me samgyupsal when you won the year award this year.” You took out some cash and handed it to Dong Woo. “Let’s go.”

You go to the road and stop the taxi. You let L, Dong Woo, Hoya and Woohyun ride the first taxi. When the second taxi comes, you let Sungyeol to sit in the front side. When you step into the car, Jaejun said,” Are you always did like that?”

“Eh?” You didn’t hear clearly, but he shook his head and follow you step into the taxi.

All of you go back to the hotel soon, without notice that someone following you from behind.


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