[Chap. 9] Fever

fever - hoya infinite jaejoong kyuhyun you - chapter image


You woke up and found a sticky note on a table beside your bed.

Don’t forget to eat your dinner. Call me anytime.

You start to recall your memory. This afternoon, Kyuhyun drives you back to the hotel, feed you with fried rice and force you to sleep. He even stays beside your bed until you fall asleep and didn’t wake you up when he leave. You smile when remembers his kindness.

You go to the refrigerator, search for some milk. But you have none. You saw a tray of food that Kyuhyun leave for you. You feel sorry because you have no appetite to eat. You took out some pills from your pouch again. Not only supplement, vitamin, but also zinc and aspirin. You put some pills in your hand, now looking for the water. You turn on the water heater and wait some moment to get a warm water.

Ting tong.. Ting tong..

Your bell was ringing. You thought it was Kyuhyun. So, you hurriedly open the door for him.

“Hi Noona!”
“Annyeonghaseyo Noona!”

Some people talk at the same time and enter your room.
“L? Sungyeol? Sungjongie? Hoya?” You call them one by one, like a teacher absent their student. You still standing at the door when they enter your room and put something on your table.
You still didn’t understand what they are doing here.

“Noona? Come here, we brought something for you.” L waved at you, the others start to unwrap the plastic bag and set up the table. You blinked twice before close the door and join them. You still confuse with their action.

Hoya realizes your silence and walks toward you, “Noona, are you busy now? Are we disturbing you, aren’t we?”

“No. I just wake up and.. I don’t know why are you guys here.” You sat on the couch, still watching the other boys prepare the table with food.

“We brought you some food, afraid that you forget your dinner. I call and text you but no response, that’s why we come here to visit you,” said Hoya.

“Ah sorry, I was sleeping and didn’t check my phone. Sungyeol-ah, can you pass my phone to me? It’s on the table beside you.” You asked a help from Sungyeol. He took your phone from the small table and pass it to you. You take your phone with your left hand cause your right hand still holding the medicine.

“What’s that noona?” Sungyeol noticed the medicine on your hand.
“Just some pills.”
“Are you sick, Noona?” Sungjong stops his work and look at you warily.
L and Hoya stare at you too, waiting for an answer.

“No, I’m just dizzy from the heat. Anemia. This is just multivitamin. No worries, I’m fine.”
Four of them stares with ‘are you sure’-looks.,Make you chuckle.
“Hey, what’s that look? I’m fine, okay? See ?” You stand and turn your body then pose like a model to make them sure you were fine. But the headache storms you again.

“Noona!” Hoya catches you before you fall. Your face became red and you feel so hot.

Hoya touches his hand on your forehead.“She got a fever” he said to other boys.

“Noona, are you okay? Come on, take a rest.” L took your weak body to your bedroom in a bridal style. The other boys follow him to your room.

L put you on the bed smoothly, you can’t do anything because your body is very weak. Sungjong gives you a glass of water so you can drink your medicine. Sungyeol put a blanket over your body, make sure your body covered well. Four of them stand surround you, looks worried and busy to take care of you.

“Maybe we have to bring her to hospital.” L suggest.
“Or we can call a doctor to come. But I can’t speak thai.” Sungjong gives other advice.
“We can ask the receptionist to call a doctor.” Said L.
“No need for that. I just need a rest. Everything will be okay.” You sound weakly, a headache storms you again.

“Okay Noona, we’ll stay here tonight. Don’t worry, you are not alone.” Hoya sat on your bed.

Sungyeol nodded, ” I will call the others to come here. We can take care of you together.”

“No…You will have a job tomorrow, right? It’s not professional if you come with swollen eyes and tired because you were lack of sleep. I will take a good rest now. So you can take a rest too,” you saw them exchange look to each other.

“But we can’t leave you alone. What if you need something at the middle of night?” Seungyeol mumbled.

“Ah, kyuhyun will come to accompany me, okay? So no need to worry.” You give a solution.

Hoya stands up and felt a Lil bit uneasy, “Why it has to be Kyuhyun Hyung? Will he free tomorrow ?”

“I’m not sure about that. But at least it’s okay for him to come with swollen eyes because he’s not the model, right ?”

“Hoya, don’t worry. Kyuhyun will come very soon. You can go sleep now. Tomorrow night, we can go to play, okay ? I’m going to sleep now,” you close your eyes slowly. The medicine starts to work.
Hoya insists to accompany you until Kyuhyun come but the others feel that it will be better to do what you asked them to. So they drag Hoya to leave your room, let you to take a good rest.
Hoya takes a sad glance at you before he leaves.


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