[Chap. 11] Fight and Play!

fight and play - hoya infinite jaejoong kyuhyun you - chapter image


You arrived at the lobby of your hotel with a bad mood. You meet Kyuhyun in the lobby.

He was sitting on the sofa with his camera and a blue plastic bag in his other hand. He stands up and walks towards you when he see you enter the main lobby.
“Ya! Where did you go? I called you a thousand times but you didn’t pick it up. I’m afraid you were collapsing. Why don’t you call me after you woke up? Are you okay ?” He asked too many questions and you felt annoyed.

“Stop it, kyuhyun. I’m in a bad mood now. Can you just leave me alone?” You ignore him and walks straight to the elevator.
“Eh ? I was waiting for you for almost 2hours and you asked me to leave ?” He followed your steps.
“Yes. Please leave. I’m not in a good mood to have a fight with you.”
Silence enters between both of you. The red light at the top of elevator shows the number 3.

“Noona, Hyung, what are you doing here?” Suddenly a happy voice interferes between you and Kyuhyun.
It’s Hoya and his manager. Looks like he just arrived at the lobby hotel, still with make up on his face. Maybe he just finishes his job and went back to the hotel without the others.
“Nothing.” You shook your head. The elevator’s door beside you opened and without a second thought, you get into the elevator. You pressed the ‘close door’ button but Kyuhyun hold the door, make it open again.
“Don’t run.” He steps in, followed by Hoya, his manager and then L and Sungyeol too.
“Oh Noona,” sungyeol murmured.
And there is an awkward moment in the elevator. They just stare at you, no words coming out of their mouth, no one dares enough to start the conversation.

The door opened on the fifth floor. You step out, straight to your room without a look back. You took out your key from your pocket when you noticed that they were following you.

“What’s wrong ?” You look at them sharply. You insert the card key, a soft ‘click’ sound can be heard. But you didn’t enter the room. Your gaze still focused on them.
“Don’t you think your act is too much ?” Kyuhyun crossed his arm.
“And you think that your act is not too much ?” You said that in an annoying tone. The atmosphere turns into a high tension. The manager slowly drags sungyeol, Hoya and L to leave you and Kyuhyun. Sungyeol afraid you will angry to him so he left with the manager but Hoya and L still stands there.

Some guest passing by in the corridor, look at all of you with weird looks. L grab your hands,

“Noona, I think we can talk inside.” He said that and want to take the room key from your hand. You refuse to give it.
“No. I don’t think we have something to talk.”
“Noona, people will recognize us. You won’t let us appear in tomorrow’s headline, right? Come on, let us in, we can talk inside,” L tried to persuade you.

You took a glance at some people who passing in the corridor. You let go out a sigh and finally let them enter your room.

You ignored their presence, leave them in the living room. You went to your bedroom, take a shower and change your clothes into casual shirt and jeans.
About 15 minutes later, you come out and found the three of them were sitting in your living room.

“Are you guys not leaving?”
“It’s not finished yet, right?”
Kyuhyun replied.
“Tsk.. Childish.” You hissed.
“Over sensitive”

“Ya!! Stop it!” This time Hoya yelled, trying to stop you. He spreads his hands between you and Kyuhyun, try to avoid some fight.

You give him a shock look.“Am I misheard? Our little Hoya yells and call me ‘ya!’ ?”

Hoya comes to you, shows a puppy eyes then take your hand,
“Noona, that’s not what I mean, okay? Stop fighting, okay?”
“I don’t even think this is as a fight” You look at kyuhyun,“But this man is just acting immature.”
“Me? Wae?”
“Ah.. I don’t know anymore. What do you want?”
“Aish.. I lost my mood now. Whatever. I’m leaving.”
Kyuhyun took his camera and then walks to the door.
“You had better go earlier.” you shouted loudly to him.
“Stubborn girl. Don’t forget to drink your medicine.” He throws a blue plastic bag at you before slammed the door.

You catch it and found some supplement and vitamin in it. You felt touched by his attention. Even you fight, he still cares to you. But your pride won’t let you say thanks to him. At least, for now.

“Hmm… Noona?” L waved his hand in front of your eyes. You snap out of your mind.
“Wae ?”
“Are you okay, now?”
“What? I’m okay. Why?”

“Let’s play outside. You promised us earlier.”
“Ah, okay. But you need to change first. I don’t want to play with celebrity.”
you pointed to their stage outfit and heavy make up.
“Okay, we’ll be right back. Our room is this floor too, actually.”
“Eh? This is 5th floor. Last time, I visited you in room suit 717, isn’t it?”
“Yes, its manager hyungs room. We play there sometimes, to avoid sasaeng fans. That’s why you don’t need a permission to come in, right?”

Now you understand why no bodyguard at that night. You decided to wait for them at your room.
Then, L and Hoya leave you to change their clothes.

Your phone was ringing shortly. A message comes in. Suddenly you think it was a message from that stalker. You open it with a pounding heart.

Message : are you planning to go out? Don’t forget to bring your jacket and medicine. Even though summer now, night breeze here is really cold.

It was from Kyuhyun. You felt relieved and smile to his message. He always nice to you.
On the next minute, Hoya called you to meet them in the parking area.
You went to the basement and meet all of infinite member, ready to play. They have no make up and use only casual shirt, jeans and sneakers.

Choding Sungyeol was jumping up and down, excited to welcome you and lead you to sit at the front.
Sunggyu drive the van and you sit beside him. The others sat behind and happily chatting about this night play. They were reminiscing their escaped moment in ‘sesame player’, variety show they have starred before. They discuss about Hoya as the last survivor every time they escaped for a free time.

The contagious laugh from Dongwoo can be heard, make the other laugh too.
“Wait, does your manager know that you will play tonight?” Suddenly you worried about it.

Since Infinite is celebrity after all, you have to look after their image.
“Yes, they know.” Sunggyu replied without looking at you. He was so focused while driving.
“They let you go out without guard?”
“Noona, we are not kids. We can protect ourselves. Manager Hyung just ask us to not appear in tomorrow’s headline or went home drunk in the morning.” Sungjong replied from the back seat.” Beside, if he won’t let us go, we’re escaping again like before.” The other boys laugh.
“And since we go out with you, he feels relieved and he’s sleeping already now.” L added lazily.
“Eh ? Why? Am I officially your manager now ?”
“Haha.. Maybe he felt that way. Or maybe he knows that you will protect us, no matter what.” Sungyeol talks in fast tone every time he’s happy. His laugh is unique and contagious like Dongwoo.
“What? Usually a man will protect the girl, not the reverse..” You start to whine when Hoya cuts your words.
“But you are stronger than us, Noona. You are the only girl I have ever known that mastered Hapkido and worse at the same time. You saved us from sasaeng fans and thief in Korea, before. Remember?” Hoya pinched your cheek from behind.
“Aish this kiddos. It was a past. You are to exaggerate everything.”

All of you laugh to remember the old times. One day, after filming a CF with Infinite, all of production team went to a restaurant to have an after party. You came late because you have to finish the final artwork first. At that moment, Sungjong accompany you from the shooting location to the restaurant.

But some sasaeng fans follow you and misunderstood you as one of Sungjong’s girlfriend and try to throw some stone at you. Since you mastered wushu and hapkido, you can avoid all of it and even manage to capture the sasaeng taxi that tried to kidnap Sungjong.
Poor Sungjong, since that incident he is afraid to go anywhere alone.
On the other hand, that incident remark your relationship closer to infinite too.


Without your knowing, a car was following your van from behind……


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