[Chap. 12] A Stuntman ?

a stuntman - hoya infinite jaejoong kyuhyun you - chapter image

All of you arrived at Khaosan Road.

Sungjong insist to try mango sticky rice and want to try a fried grasshopper.
Sunggyu parks the car in front of a minimart at the end of the road since Khaosan road is car-free area.
You make sure everyone is close to you when you lead them to this area.
The bar was playing their music loudly. Some people enjoy the music, the food and some street performance. Anytime one of them stops to look, everyone will stop too. They were amazed with this kind of view. You giggle to see their surprise expression. They got excited to see everything.

You went to a bar beside a sport shop. You told them to take a look around and you will wait here. Actually, they want to have a walk with you but you against that idea. You give them free time, let them enjoy the night. You were afraid they will not comfortable to walk with you, because people looks at you weirdly. A girl around 7 men is not a common sight, maybe.

After making sure their phone is on, they left you and promised will be back on the next 1 hour. Hoya promised you to buy your favorite banana milk while Sungjong will buy you mango sticky rice.

You send them off with a big smile. You order hot chocolate and starts to draw at your small sketchbook. Some noises came from the table next to you. You ignore that noise since it was a common for a bar to be noise. But you heard some cursed words in Korean, so you take a look to them.

Looks like they are arguing each other. A man uses his Korean and the other use his Thai. You don’t get what’s the problem but you notice this would be a long fight.
You feel uncomfortable so you pay your drink and walk to the door. Unfortunately you bumped into one of them when you walk.
“Sorry.” You murmured. But they don’t pay attention to you.
The other drunken man tried to hit the man you bumped to. He defense with his left hand, trying to protect something in his right hand.
“Ya! Are you not going to help me?” A familiar voice forces you to look at him.
The stalker. It’s him, again. Your eyes widened but before you could say something, the drunken man starts to punch him. Without a second thought, you step into the fight and kick that man. You were good at Hapkido not for nothing. But it looks like that drunken man called his gang to come. So, instictly you drag his wrist and running out of this place before anything bad happened.
Both of you runs through the crowd and stops at an empty and dark street, on the opposite side of Khaosan Road. You breath heavily and took out some inhaler from your bag.
“Are you okay? Sit down. I’m going to search water with you.” He said and patted your back.

You shook your head and hold his hand, you breath heavily and couldn’t say a word.
He smiled widely and pinched your cheek.
“Aigo, I don’t know that you are really missing me that badly.” You flicked his forehead hardly, make him dazed out for a while.
“Ya! It’s hard!” He yelled but you stare at him. Your breath slowly back to normal. Something is running on your nose. Blood.
“You are bleeding!” He starts to panic and search for tissue on his bag. He found none. He uses his shirt to wipe your blood.
“Argh, get off me.” you pushed him and wipe the blood with your hand, as if its not a big deal.

You stand up and walks to the main street, looking for a mini convenient store. You found one and enter the store, straight to the drink area. You took a big bottle of mineral water and pay it. That stalker still following behind you, clueless.
You exit the store and sit at the bench in front of the store. You drink without hesitation, shove some pills to your mouth and drink lots of water again. He just sits cluelessly beside you until you offer him the bottle.
He smiles widely and take your offer before realizing the bottle was empty. He throws it in the dustbin with anger.

“Tsk.” He hissed.
“Are you just saying ‘tsk’ to someone that just saved your life?” You flicked his forehead again. He groans in pain.
“Ya! I’m older than you so you couldn’t do that to me. Beside, you didn’t save my life. Don’t act too much.”

He rubbed his forehead with his left hand.  He takes off his hat so you can see his face better. Unconsciously you came closer to him. Your face was inches away when he turns around for you.
“Who are you?” You whispered. You can feel his hot breath on your lips. Your nose almost touches him.
“Kim Jaejoong” he formed a smile on his lips. You didn’t blink and still stare at him.
“No, you lie. Who are you, stalker?”
He pushed your shoulder slightly, take his face away from you.
“Why should I tell you who I am?”
“Because you own me a lot, stalker.”
“No, I’m not.”

“Yes, you are.” You flicked his forehead again. You want to flick again when he holds your wrist.
“Stop it, it hurts, you know?” You give a death glare when he suddenly apologizes,“Okay okay I got it. I’m sorry. I deeply apologize for what I’ve done, okay? Please forgive me. I’m just kidding. I don’t know it’s trouble you so much. I’m just having fun.”
You were amazing with his act, he kneeled in front of you, begging for your forgiveness with a cute pout.
Your hearts soften with his cute act. That’s your biggest weakness. Can’t stand of something cuteness.

“If you call me, Your Highness, maybe I’ll reconsider.”

He shock and let go out a sigh. “Okay, your highness. Thank you so much, I’m so happy that I could die,” he acts some greasy line.
You giggle and fell from the bench. He catches you before you fall and two of you ended up laughing to each other.

“Ya! Who are you?” Now you were eating mango sticky rice with him, still outside the store. You pay all of the food because he lost his wallet. Fortunately he has his passport and Id card oh his baggage at the hotel, not in his wallet.
“I’ve told you, I’m Kim Jaejoong.”
“Don’t lie. He went to documentary shooting in New Zealand. Are you his family? You were really looking like him.”
“Why don’t you believe me?”
“Why should I?”
Silence between both of you.

“So, who you are? I asked you a thousand times but you didn’t answer me. Or should I flick your forehead again?” You treat him with your sharp gaze. He chuckled and finish his food. In a moment, he thinks deeply before he opens his mouth.
“Okay, you can call me Han Jaejun. I work as stuntman for Kim Jaejoong for several dramas. My body and looks naturally similar with him but I took a face surgery so I become more like him. Are you satisfied now?” He stares at you.
“Oh, that’s why you really look similar to him. Hmm… Okay, I understand. Just skip the surgery part, okay? I feel sorry for you.” You finished your last chop of the mango.
“Because you have to share the same face with him now. I feel bad for you.” You nodded, understand his feeling.
“What do you mean? ” He tilts his head, didn’t understand.
“Man, how can you live with those faces like that? A face that even prettier than girl. You make people misunderstood your gender and hard for you to get a girlfriend that prettier than you.”
Jaejun’s eyes widened to hear your words. Something hurts his pride as a man.
“Are you mean that?” He whispered, but you didn’t notice that.


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