[Chap. 10] He’s Fast!

he's fast! - hoya infinite jaejoong kyuhyun you - chapter image


Fourth day in Bangkok.

You wake up with a healthier body. You check your email and start to work. You have no meeting schedule today but Andrew, your assistant sent you thousand of emails. Most of them consist of document for you to be signed, and some jobs that need to be checked by you.

You checked the story board, video and audio files carefully, one by one. You put a comment about which one to be revised and which one is okay to be sent to clients.

You work from your bedroom, skipped your breakfast and order lunch from room service. At 5pm, you finished your job and decide to go out for some fresh air. You checked your phone and found out there are 17 missed calls from Hoya, 6 missed calls from Infinite member and other 7 missed calls from Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun left a message on kakaotalk too. He’s worried because you didn’t pick up his call.
You sent a text to all of them, tell them that you are okay and apologize because you were too busy to pick up their phones. Then you take a bath and ready to go out.

You wear a red shirt and skinny jeans. After tying your hair into a ponytail style,  you take your bag and left the hotel. Unfortunately you didn’t notice that you leave your phone on the bad.


You went to the Grand Palace area again. You walk around the open area near the Grand Palace. You sat on a stone bench and enjoy the evening scenery. You took a deep breath, enjoy the fresh air. Without realise, you smile widely when you watch a couple of kids running into each other, have fun of playing some games.

You took out a notebook from your bag. You began to draw some random objects. Not only flower, tree and the scenery but also the kids. You drown on your pleasure of drawing while someone sat beside you.

You look at him and smile. A little boy immersed with your paint and say something in Thai. But since you couldn’t understand what he said, you only chuckle and show him your picture. He mumbles in Thai and pointed his little finger to your paint. You look confused because you didn’t know what he wants.

“I think he wants your paint. Just give it to him, will do,” a voice come from behind you.
You turn around to see him. It’s Kim Jaejoong, with his camera again. ‘No, he is fake Kim Jaejoong’ you argue with yourself, in your mind.

You stand up from the bench and face him.

“What are you doing here? Why are you here ?” You squinted at him.
“Me? I think this is a public place so I can do anything I want here.” he covered his head with black beanie and use black outfit. ‘What a weird outfit in the middle of hot summer’ that’s what’s on your mind now.
“Who are you?” You said in a cold tone. Your eyes fixed to him.
“Me ? Superstar. Of. Asia.” He spells each word with a smile.
“No. You are not him. He went to New Zealand so it’s impossible for him to be here. I repeat, who are you?” You emphasize the last three words.
“Really? Are you sure?” He teased you. He deepens his beanie to cover his forehead.
You lose your patience, grabbed his collar roughly, pull him close to you,
“Don’t make a mess with me. Don’t ever stalk me. If not, you will regret it, understand ?”

He brushed your hands from his collar and push your shoulder slightly. Accidentally you forced back and hit to the little kid until he fell on the ground. The little kid starts to cry. You were surprised and automatically hug the little boy, trying to calm him down. You patted his back slowly.

“Sorry, little boy.. I don’t mean it. Is it hurt ?” You check his face, body and feet,“I’m sorry, this is my fault. Stop crying please…” But the little boy still crying until his friends come and asked him to play again. You felt relieved because you were really scary if someone is crying because of you.
You have a bad memory of it.

You saw the little boy now happily join his friends and play again.
You turn around to face Kim Jaejoong again, want to scold at him. But he’s gone. You couldn’t see him nowhere.

‘Damn. He’s fast! What is he? Stalker ? Spy? Be careful if I see you again, superstar of Asia. I will not let you go.’ you mumble to yourself, take your bag and leave the park, back to your hotel.


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