[Chap. 8] Run To Him

run to him - hoya jaejoong kyuhyun you - chapter image


Third day in Bangkok.

You skipped your breakfast and almost late to your meeting. You couldn’t sleep well last night. Wake up with unpleasant feelings, you have no appetite to eat and went straight to meet.

Your schedule for today is meeting with the local production house for your next CF filming. Their office located near the Grand Palace, you can see a glimpse of the temple from the window. Even though this is your fourth or fifth time in Bangkok, you have never been able to visit any tourism spots here. Works and works always.

Your meeting agenda is about the filming location and technical riders for the CF. The local team suggested to use a public area in front of the Grand Palace. There are lots of birds that wait for food from you.

One of the staff kindly guide you to the park in front of the Grand Palace. He shows you the area where the birds mingle. Summer in Bangkok is really hot. You just out for 5minutes but you already dizzy because of the heat. Khun, the local team staff, leave you alone at the park, to looking for some medicine and drink for you.

You sat on a stone bench and wondering about anything.

You blinked your eyes many times to make sure you didn’t hallucination. No, this is real. A man standing in front you with his camera.

For a moment, both of you exchanges glare without any moves. He captures you with his camera and slowly moves towards you. You froze like a stone to see him walks to you. Five more steps from you, suddenly he throws  out some corn to the ground around you. As expected, lots of pigeons flying in to eat that. Surprised by the birds that come from all sides, you reflex cover your face with your hands and screams.

“Ahhhh.. Get off me, birds!!”
You step on some birds that ate the corn on your feet. Some of the birds attack your feet because you step on their food. A pair of hands pulls you from the birds. You just follow that hands, still cover your face with hands. Too scary to open your eyes.

“That’s okay. You save now.” A sounds trying to calm you down. Your body still trembling. You still close your eyes.

That man wrapped his arm around you, pat your back and put his chin on your temple. His hug is warm and calm you down. You open your eyes and look at him,

“Thank you, Kyuhyun-ah. I’m afraid those birds will bite me,” you stammer.

Kyuhyun smile widely to you, now checking your face, hands and feet make sure you are alright.

“I guess I’m okay,” you sound weak. “No, you look so pale. Have you eaten ?” Kyuhyun sounds worry, he touched your forehead to check your temperature.

“I skipped my breakfast. I think this is because of the heat. Summer is not my best friend. Sometimes I feel dizzy because of the sunshine. By the way, what are you doing here?”

“I just take some pictures of the Grand Palace. I think, you have to take a rest. Come on, I’ll drive you back to the hotel.” Kyuhyun took your bag and hold your hands.

“Wait, I have to tell my staff first.” You looked to the entire park, trying to find Khun. You see him nowhere.
You turned around and catch a glimpse of Kim Jaejoong near the crossroad.

“Ya! Kim Jaejoong!” You yelled and trying to run into him. Kyuhyun stops you and hold your arm.

“Hei..hei.. What’s going on ?”
“It’s Kim Jaejoong! That stalker!” You brushed off his hand from you and run to Kim Jaejoong.

You ignored some people’s grumble when you bumped them. Your eyes fixed to that man who crossing the road now.

You almost reach him when a red light stops you, again. You couldn’t wait little longer to catch him, without a second thought, you crossed the road. You almost got hit by a car, but Kyuhyun saved you again. He pulls you at the right time.

“Ya! Are you crazy ? Do you want to die?!” He yelled at you, his hands on your shoulder and his eyes look straight into your eyes.

“It is Kim Jaejoong!” You yelled back.
“No, he’s not. Let’s go.” He drags you to his car on the other side of the park.
“But, he..”
“Listen, I don’t even care about who the hell he is.” He took a glance at you, still holding your hands.“Now, I will drive you back at the hotel and you have to take a rest, okay?”

You only nodded and follow him. Actually, you didn’t hear what Kyuhyun said to you. Your head is really dizzy. You think about Kim Jaejoong, your job, Kim Jaejoong, the heat, that Kim Jaejoong, etc.


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