[Chap. 7] dinner and stalker

dinner and stalker - hoya jaejoong kyuhyun you - chapter image


Second day in Bangkok.

Today is your lucky day. Your client really like your advertising concept. So, they asked you to recommend some talented artist that suits the image of the brand very well. You feel sorry because you have no idea about Thailand’s top artist. So, they decided to have internal discussion and inform you later.

After the long meeting, you went to Siam Paragon for dinner. Your phone vibrated, sign of a new message has arrived.
New message from Kyuhyun on kakaotalk ( a messenger application on android phone).

Kyuhyun : ‘Where are you? Finished your work for today?’

You : ‘Yes. I’m at Siam Paragon for dinner. Wanna join?’

Kyuhyun : ‘Great. I’m here too. Will finish the photo shoot in 30 minutes. Wanna come here or meet somewhere?’

You :‘I’ll go there. Where are you?’

Kyuhyun : ‘Okay. 2nd floor. Jewelry shop on the north side.’

You : ‘Okay, buy me one of them when I arrived. Hehe ‘

Kyuhyun : ‘As your wish. Princess’

You took the elevator to the second floor. You take your time to look around the design and concept. You were really impressed with the design and concept of this mall.
You arrived at the jewelry shop in the next minutes. A Lil bit crowded there because some fans trying to see the photo shoot inside the store. Some guards make a barricade with a long line and stands at the store’s entrance.

You want to enter the store when a guard stops you. You explained to him that you want to meet Kyuhyun. But the guard didn’t understand your English. He talks in Thailand and push you away. At that moment, one of Kyuhyun’s staff saw you and let you in. Some fans trying to follow you but get blocked from the guards.

You enter the store and saw Kyuhyun still holding his camera. He looked serious to the model. He double checked the result from his camera and somehow not pleased with the result. The atmosphere is kind of high tension.

You patted Kyuhyun’s back. “Hey, something’s wrong ?”
Kyuhyun looked at you, feel relieved and show you his camera.

“Here. I felt something is missing from this. What do you think ?”
You took his camera and look at the picture carefully. Then you look at the model. You checked her wardrobe, hair, make up and jewelry she wore. Then you walk around the store to find some beautiful jewelry. Kyuhyun follows you, want to know what are you going to do. You found a beautiful butterfly hair pin.

“Kyuhyun-ah, I think this will do.” You pointed to the hairpin.

A staff took the hair pin and wear it in the model’s hair. Kyuhyun took a picture again. Now he is satisfied with the result.

“Wow, you are right. It looks perfect now, your taste is the best,” Kyuhyun gives you a compliment,“I will finish this in a second. Wait for a moment, okay?”

You nodded and wait for Kyuhyun finish his job. You glad to help him. You take a tour at this jewelry store. You found a pretty star necklace and stare at it for a moment.

“You want it?” Kyuhyun’s voice from beside you.

” Finish?” You asked.
“I’m done. You want that necklace?” He asked you again.

“No. I just amazed with the beauty of it. Let’s eat.” You linked your arm to him and drag him away. But you took a last glance to the necklace.


Ring.. Ring..

Your phone was ringing while you enjoy your dinner with Kyuhyun. Hoya’s name on your screen. You picked up his call.

“Ya ?”
“Noonaaaaaaaa!!!” Its not a normal call, but loud screams. Seems like several people yelled at the same time on the phone.

“Ya! What the heck? Don’t yell.” You rubbed you ear, feel irritated but small smile form on your lips. Kyuhyun stops eating and look at you with ‘what’s going on’ looks. You whispered to him ‘Hoya’. He nodded and continue eating. Kyuhyun know Hoya and Infinite because they ever work together.

“Sorry Noona, but where are you?” Hoya’s voice can be heard now.

“Me? Dinner at Siam Paragon. Why?”
“Hyung, she’s eating at Siam Paragon now!” Hoya yells out loud to his other members. Some noises can be heard from the other line.

“Noona, this is SungJong. Can you help me, please ?” A sweet tone is whining now.

“Ah, Sungjongie, what’s going on?”

“Noona, can you help us to buy some dinner ? We want to eat Thailand food but manager Hyung only gave us chicken breast for our diet. We are very hungry but can’t order anything since our manager took our wallet. They afraid we will run away like ‘sesame player’ incident. Huhu Noona, help me..” Singing starts to cry.

“Ya..ya..ya.. Don’t cry. I will buy it for you. Where is your room ?”

“We’ll wait at suite room 717. Call me when you arrived, Noona.” He sounds happy now.

“Okay, I get it. Tell your hyungs to not nagging at you again, okay? Or I will not buy the foods.”

“Hyungs, you heard it? No nagging!” Sungjong screams out, seems like the phone on speaker on: mode.

There’s some noise again, looks like the other member try to tease the magnae again.

“Noona, thank you so much. I’m hanging up now,” now its Hoya’s voice.

“Okay, please wait a moment.”
“Noona, saranghae !!”

“Noona is the best!!” Infinite members say it loud on the phone but you already cut the line.

Kyuhyun finished his food already. You tell him about the call and ask him where you can buy Thailand’s food.

“Kyuhyun-ah, where I can buy Thailand food? Infinite ask me to help them buy those food.”

” You can buy it at Thailand restaurant.”

“Wow, sarcastic. I know that, but where is the best one?” You finished your food too. He chuckled to see your face.

“You never change. Perfectionist and workaholic like a dad. But caring and sweet like a mom.”

“Is that weird ?”

“Nope. That’s why I like you.” Kyuhyun said with a serious face. A silence between both of you. You break the silence with your laugh.

“Kyuhyun-ah, I like you too. If not, we’ll not be a good friend, right? Don’t put a serious face, you will have a wrinkle, okay?” You pinched his cheeks and laugh. Then Kyuhyun follows you, go out of this restaurant.


Kyuhyun helps you to buy lots of Thailand food. Not only that, you bought lots of snacks too.

When Kyuhyun drive you back to the hotel, you gave him a plastic bag.
“What’s this?”
“Reward for today. Thanks for accompanying me.”

Kyuhyun open the plastic bag and found his favorite snack, chocolate banana stick. He laughed.
“You remember? Ah thank you…” He hugs you warmly. You smile and reply his hug. Then you go out from the car.
“See you when I see you” You waved at him, with lots of plastic bags on your hand.

“Text me when you are free, okay? Let’s have a summer in Thailand.”

After you nodded, he drives off. You enter the hotel’s lobby and took the lift in the suit room, straight to the Infinite’s room.


Knock knock..
You knock the door with your feet because both of your hands full with plastic bag.
“Who is that?” A sound from inside the room.

“Delivery service” you yelled back.

You know they will take a peek from the tiny hole of the door, so you show the plastic bag to the door.

The door opened on the next second and SungJong hug you tightly.“Noona, you are my savior”
“Sungjongie, I can’t breath”

“Ah sorry Noona, here I help you.” He took those plastic bags and enter the room. You just follow him into the spacious living room.

“Hyungs, noona is here with food!” Singing put the food on the table.

Other infinite member came out of their rooms. They were using comfortable clothes and no make up. Maybe they are ready to sleep when you arrived.

“Noonaa,, I miss you”
“Waw, lots of food.”
“Thank you Noona. You are the best”

Words by words come from their mouths but they were too focused with the food. In an instant, they ate with noise sounds and fighting over the food. You sat on the couch and open your iPad to check some emails.

“Sungyeol ah, don’t take my milk.”
“Sunggyu Hyung, I want to drink milk.. I want.. I want… ” Childish sungyeol starts to whining.
“Sungyeol-ah, I bought Thai coffee for you. Check the red plastic bag.” You said that loudly but still focused on your iPad.

“Really noona ?” Sungyeol sounds happy and search the red plastic bag. After he found it, he came to you.
“Noona, thank you. You really understand me. I’m so touched.”
“Don’t put an acting on me, yeollie. I know you will whine at me all day long if I’m didn’t buy any coffee for you.” You took a glance at him, who sat beside you now. He’s grinning and sip his coffee with joy.

“Noona, are you sure you won’t be our manager ?” Now L talks to you. He stands near the table, still eating.
“Yes Noona, it will be great. I can wear purple custom anytime!” Hoya added.
“The moment you stop teasing and nagging to Sungjong, maybe I can reconsider to be your manager.” You replied with jokes.
“So, it won’t be happening.” Said SungJong in a sad tone. He cleans up the table.
“Yes, we can.” said Sunggyu.
“Hyung, don’t lie.” Suddenly all of them burst of laughing.

“It’s past midnight now, I better go back to my room. I have a job tomorrow.” You packed your stuff and ready to leave.

They say endless thanks and sent you to the door, but Hoya insisted to accompany you to your room.
In the lift to your room, you pushed button 5th floor.

 “Noona, really thank you for today. I’m glad you are here.”  Said Hoya while looking straight into your eyes.
“You’re welcome. Thanks to Kyuhyun too. He helped me to buy all of it.”
“Kyuhyun Hyung is here?” There’s a shock in his voice.
“Yes, what a coincidence right? We met here.”
“Oh, I thought you came here with him. ”
“Are you…”
Hoya hesitates.”Is he your boyfriend?”
You shook your head. “No, he’s my best friend.”

The lift opened. Hoya let go a relieve breath. But you didn’t notice it. Both of you walks in the corridor without saying anything until arrived in front of your room.

“Okay, Hoya. Time to sleep. See you when I see you.” You stopped in front of your door and face him. Hoya just stands and rubbed the back of his head.

“Hmm… Guess I will be back to my room now. Next time, text me when you are free Noona. We can play around Bangkok, shall we? “

“I’d love to. Just do your best for the filming first. We can play anytime, okay ? Good night” you waved at him. He walks away but suddenly you call him,

“Hoya!” He turned around and you give a peck at his cheek.

“Revenge for this morning! Ha ha…” You stuck out your tongue to him and run back to your room and slammed the door, leave Hoya on the corridor with a blushing face.


You walk to the shower to take a bath when you heard your phone was ringing.

“You’ve got a message. You’ve got a message”

You open your Inbox.

From : unknown number.

Message : Are you faint after kissed that boy ? Or only kiss on the lips can can make you faint ? Ah…. You really a bad girl, babe.. xoxo Superstar Asia.


Your eyes widened after read that message. You run to the door, look to the corridor but found no one there. You slammed your door and reply his message.



In a second, he replied your text.

“Like I said, watch out your back, baby. Hei Kim Jaejoong’s #1 Fans.”


You tried to call him but he rejected your call and switch off his phone.

You think this is not funny anymore. You feel creepy to know there’s someone is stalking you now.

But the main question is still there.


Who is he? Real Kim jaejoong ?

how he got your number and know what you did?

And the most important is What he wants from me ?


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