[Chap. 6] another coincidence

another coincidence - hoya jaejoong kyuhyun you - chapter image


Kyuhyun walks you to your hotel. After accompanying you to check in, he left to go to his hotel. It’s not really far from your hotel, so he promised you a treat for next lunch or dinner.

You slung your bag on your shoulder and went to your room. Now is 11 pm already, you felt really tired today and need a hot shower. After taking a bath and wear your pajama,  you drink your supplement pills. Your doctor always reminds you to drink all of your medicine regularly. Not only medicine for allergic, but also multivitamin, supplement and everything to make sure you are fit enough to do go through your busy schedule. Finally you lay down on your king-size bed. You hate small place so even though you will sleep alone, you will book the largest bed or a room you can get. In the next second, you fall asleep but suddenly a memory about Kim Jaejoong wakes you up.

The man who kissed you…. The man who writes boldly on your forehead… Who is he ? You were really sure he was Kim Jaejoong. But what is he doing here? It had been reported that he went to NZ for filming. But if he is not Kim Jaejoong, why he knew about that CF incident ? Who is he? Why has he looked similar with Kim Jaejoong ?
Does Kim Jaejoong have a twin ?

Wait, is this even real ?

On the next day, at 8am, you have your breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant. You sat quietly in the corner, with a plate of pancake and milk. You can’t eat bread or too oily food. Yes, you are really picky about food. Not because of the taste but also due to some allergy.    Finish with your pancake, you took another sip of your chocolate milk while reads some emails on your iPad.

“May I add your milk, Miss ?” A low tone come from your side. You only nod because you were too focused on your iPad.

“But we have no chocolate milk anymore, miss. How about your favorite banana milk ?” Heard that suggestion, you nod, smile widely and take a look at that person to say  thank you.

“Thank– HOYA ?!!” You screamed and surprised by that person’s appearance.

That man chuckles with your reaction. He was sitting on the chair in front of you now. He brought his breakfast too. You followed his action with your eyes, still couldn’t believe yourself that you met him here. Hoya wears no makeup, use purple shirt and jeans while you dressed in a loose purple shirt too.

“Noona, you are still the same. Cool and busy. I guess you are here for some works, right ?” Hoya starts to eat again. A plate of sausage, bacon and cheese on it plus a tall glass of orange juice are his breakfast for today.

You give a small laugh and back to your gadget. You let him finish his food while you were busy replied an email. Saw you acted like this, Hoya couldn’t stand this situation anymore.

“Noona, I’m here. Talk to me”

“yes, you can talk. I’ll listen.”

“Noonaaaaa…” Hoya starts to whine.

“Yessss?” You replied but your eyes still glued to the screen. You checked the material for this afternoon presentation’s meeting.

“Noona, you ignored me again. You don’t even bothered to ask why I’m here or what I’m doing here. You are such a stranger to me.” Hoya dropped his fork down. You noticed his disappointment and decide to shut your gadget off.

“Okay, Ho-Baby, now tell me what are you doing here ?” You called with his favorite nickname. Hoya really likes it when you call him like that. So you are trying to soften his disappointment with that. But his smile disappears from his face.
Hey, don’t put that kind of face. I didn’t ask you because I know you will tell me. Beside that, no wonder if you were here. For some works, right ? Where’s your member ?”

“Some of them still in their rooms. I don’t know the rest, maybe at the gym or swimming pool. You are right, Noona, we are going to film our first CF in Thailand today. Really cool, right?” Hoya starts to smile again.

“Wow, you had already become international artist! Congratulation! So, are you going to wear purple custom again today?” You teased him. Hoya really loves purple.

“Unfortunately, no. The theme is red. So everything will be red, like the theme for the brand. Ah.. I want to work with you again, Noona. You are the best! We looked so cool on the CF directed by you.” Hoya praised you with sincerity.

“Ho-baby, I’m so touched,” you pinched his cheek,“all of you are gorgeous, so everything will be okay. No matter who the director, clothes, anything. Just be yourself.”

Hoya finished his food and give a big grin to you,“But Noona, you have to know one fact.”

“There’s no other creative director hotter or more beautiful than you,” suddenly Hoya gives a peck at your right cheek and run away with laugh in his face.

“Ya! Come back here you little brat!” You yelled at him, but he’s too far to be reached.

He just stuck his tongue out to you and made a sign ‘I’ll call you later’ with his hand.

You chuckle with his action. You never can be mad at him. You are 2 years older from him so he called you ‘Noona’. He’s just a cute little brother to you.

Hoya is a member of Infinite, a new rising star in the music industry. You work with them for several CF and photo shoot, before. Thanks to their bright personality, it’s easy to get close to them as friends.  Beside that, you like their work ethic: on time and professional. Not only Hoya, but the rest member of Infinite too.
Infinite gave you a surprise party on your birthday last year. They delayed the shooting and make you angry, but suddenly surprise you with confetti and sang happy birthday to you. It was a nice surprise and you really touched by it. Since then, you treat them as friends than an artist.
You were glad to meet Kyuhyun and Hoya here, during your business trip.

At least, you are not alone. You really hate to do nothing or bored cause it makes you bad mood easily.

You really hope this trip will end peacefully.

But, you will never know what God’s plan for you, right ?


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