[Chap. 5] Who is he ?

who is he ? - jaejoong you - chapter image


You rubbed your forehead roughly with your hands. But the marker is a permanent one. You even couldn’t erase it with water.

On the other hand, you have to hide it but you didn’t bring any hat or scarf to cover it. So you borrowed a pair of scissors to the stewardess. You cut your front-side hair and make bangs, long enough to cover those paints but short enough to not cover your sight. You hate bangs because it makes you look like a teen. You style your hair in a mature way before. But since you cut your front hair to cover the ‘graffiti’, you look like a kid now, totally different from your usual style.

Walk out from the airplane, you passed the baggage claim area. Since you only brought 1 bag, you didn’t have a baggage to claim. You keep your head low and tried your best to hide your forehead. But unfortunately you tripped over a suitcase and almost hit the floor. Someone grabs your waist and hold you tight.

He gave you an evil smirk and let you go from his hug.

“Ya! Kyuhyun-ah, you scared me!” You yelled at him.

“Scared? Yaa! I saved you. Is that the way you use to thank me ?” That man yelled back at you. Both of you exchange a death glare for a moment and then burst out laughing.

“Kyuhyun-ah, what are you doing here?”

“Am I not allowed to be here?” He winked and grab his belongings.

“Haha, I don’t mean like that. It’s very difficult to meet you in Korea because of your schedule. So, I’m really amazed to meet you here. Unexpected, huh ?”

“Ah, it’s not difficult to find me. That’s you who very hard to make an appointment with. I met your assistant for more than 10times, but you? Hmm.. Only 3times, I guess. And all of them are during our projects.”

“Ah.. You are just too humble. Who will refuse to meet the popular photographer Cho Kyuhyun? I guess half of our citizen will line up to get your signature. “

“Haha.. Stop joking. I will take it as a compliment. Hehe. I’m here for some works. How about you?” Kyuhyun took your bag and put it together with his baggage on the trolley.

Both of you walked together and have a happy conversation.

Kyuhyun is a professional photographer. He worked with you for some projects, before. You liked his works and he liked your sense of art. Even you rarely met him due to busy schedule, you have a good relationship with him. There’s good chemistry between you and him. You have the same taste with him. That’s why you loved to be partnered with him on some projects.
He is a good friend and also a good advisor for you.


Kyuhyun asked you to eat before leaving the airport. So, both of you went to a fast food restaurant. You sat in the corner while Kyuhyun bought something.
“Beef burger without tomato, right?” Kyuhyun put the tray in front of you. You smiled and gladly take the tray.

“Ah.. Thank you. You really remember that.” You began to unwrap your burger.

Kyuhyun gave you a smile then started to eat his food. He knew that you have a bad allergic to tomato. Actually, you have a bad allergic to everything you hate, to be exact.

“So, why are you cutting your hair? Because of a broken heart?” Kyuhyun finished his food in a flash. While you eat at a slow pace.

“Me? Yaa.. Why should I cut my hair because of that?”

“I don’t know. That’s why I asked. Last week I met you, you have a mature look. But now, you looked like a teenager. Are you trying to get a younger boyfriend?”

“Kyuhyun-ah, do you want to die?” You gave a death stare but Kyuhyun just laugh. “I have no choice, I need to hide this” you showed him, your forehead. He freezes for a moment and burst out laughing.

You just continue to eat and let him laughing over and over again. Kyuhyun tried to hold his laugh when he saw your no-expression face.

“Okay okay, sorry for that. Who did that to you?”

“That man.” You answered with a flat tone.

“Kim Jaejoong.”
“Singer Kim Jaejoong? TVXQ Jaejoong? “
Kyuhyun hesitate.
“Yes. That one.”
“Are you serious? When he did that to you?”

“Long story.” Then you explained every single thing happened between Jaejoong and you, except the kiss part.

Kyuhyun felt confused and open his iPad. He searched something and show you some article from a news site.
“Maybe he’s not the real Kim Jaejoong. From this article, he should be in Australia for documentary shooting.”

You read some news quickly. It’s said that Kim Jaejoong will go to Australia and New Zealand to film his documentary for a month. You get confused too. You looked at the picture of Kim Jaejoong and checked the details of his feature.
You are really sure that you met Kim Jaejoong before. But since the article stated the opposite, you became clueless.

So, who is the man that kissed you?
Who is the man that writes on your forehead ?


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