[Chap. 4] ‘Kim Jaejoong’s #1 Fans’

Kim Jaejoong's #1 Fans - jaejoong you - chapter image


You bought a new ticket to Thailand as soon as possible because you didn’t want to waste your time. You checked back the flight schedule and found out that you have to wait 2 hours before boarding the next flight. You hate to wait without doing anything. You went to a coffee shop and pull out a sketch book from your bag.

On a second, you drown on your pleasure of drawing. You are really good at art,hmmm… Not trying to show off, but you usually won in a drawing competition. You went to art university and graduate with an excellent score. Your started to work as a junior art director in a small creative agency. But after you won an advertising competition, you got a chance to work at a multinational advertising company. Your career leveled up so fast because of your creative idea and good sense of art. So, at the age of 25, you had already become a creative director in that company. In conclusion, you are ambitious, perfectionist and a real workaholic.

You were really focused on your sketch book and didn’t realize someone sat on the chair in front of you.

Click. Click. Click.

The light of camera flash surprised you. You blinked your big eyes many times before adjusting your vision back to normal. A man with a wide grin and a camera in his hand, gave you a wink.

“Hi, nice to meet you again.”

‘Ooh, not him again, please’ you whispered.

Jaejoong took your sketch book and flipper over to see the other pages. He amazed with your drawing skill. For a second, only silence between both of you.

You grabbed your sketch book and with full of force, took it away from his hand. Accidentally, your hand nudged his camera on the edge of the table. His hand still holding your sketch book when the camera drop on the floor. Both of you looked in shock to see the lens were broken.

“Aa.. so.. this…” You stammered and take the camera from the floor and gave it back to him. “I will pay for the charge of the reparation, don’t worry.”

He glared at you, couldn’t believe of your words. He took back his camera and move his face closer to you.

“I’m Kim Jaejoong, superstar of Asia. Do you think I don’t have money to fix it by myself ? Don’t act like you are Go Jun Pyo from drama Boys Before Flower. I can see your bossy attitude just in one second. Ohh.. How could you be so different with your drawing ?”

You surprised by his words and stand up, “Dear superstar Kim Jaejoong, it’s not me who take a picture of someone, or follow like a stalker. In fact, it’s you who disturb me for the whole day. I feel bad for your camera, so I have to be responsible for that. Like I said before, I really hope we will never meet again.” You said those words in cold and low tone. You are angry with his words but tried your best to holding back your anger.

“For your information, I don’t know Gu Jun-whatever you said and stop talking about my drawing, as if you know what art is.” You took your bag and once again, leave him.

“Yaaa!! Can you just apologize and say sorry ?” He yelled at your back. You turned around and gave him a smirk,

‘You wish, Kim Jaejoong.” You stuck out your tongue and leave.

You left your sketch book in Jaejoong’s hand. Because of your pride, you choose to lose it than take it back from him.


You went to a duty free shop and spend your time to window shopping until your boarding time.

You are the first passenger who entered the plane. Your seat located beside the window. You felt really tired, so after sitting and fasten your seat belt, you use your eye mask. You ignored another noise around you and fall asleep soon.

About an hour (or more) later, someone touches your shoulder and wake you up.

“Miss, we already landed. Don’t forget to wash your face before leave.” The stewardess gave a big smile to you, try hard to hold her laugh. You didn’t get what she means. You nodded and start to pack your belonging when you notice a note on the screen in front of you.

At the post it note, written :

Hei, female version of Gu Jun Pyo!
You slept like dead people. How could a woman snore like that in a public place ? I can’t believe this. I record all of it and, if I’m in a good mood, maybe will not spread it. But who knows?
Watch out your back.

Superstar of Asia.

‘That jerk’ you whispered and squeeze the note. Feeling something fishy, you look at a small mirror from your pocket.

That superstar of Asia did something on your face. He wrote boldly on your forehead with a permanent marker.

‘Kim Jaejoong’s #1 Fans’


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