[Chap. 1] what are you doing here ?

what are you doing here ? - jaejoong you - chapter image

This is summer and you have to go to Thailand for a week.

Not really a holiday because you have to meet several clients there. As a creative director of an advertising agency, you have a responsibility to make a good advertising concept for your clients. Not forget to mention about a good commercial film too.

After meeting another client in Singapore, you are ready to fly to Thailand now. At Singapore immigration check point, before boarding, someone bumped into you, make your bag dropped. Your passport and ticket were scattered on the floor. You let go a ‘sigh’ and trying to take back your passport when someone said, “so..sorry.”

You just smile weakly to a man with black sunglass in front of you, and stand up again. Without saying anything, you ignore his apologies and walk away.

You already crossed the immigration checkpoint when you heard some noises. Guess it’s sound from some dropped bags, you just ignore it. You are not a careless person, actually. But today is your bad day, so you felt numb and won’t care to your surrounding.

You walk into the waiting area, straight to the airplane. At the front door, there is a final check of the ticket. You open your passport case and realise your ticket is gone. Your eyes widened and you start to search it panicky on your bag.

Suddenly someone hand out your ticket in front of you. He’s trying to catch his breath. Looks like he runs for his life, before. He cleaned the sweat on his forehead with his hand and open his black sunglass.

“You left your ticket on the floor when I bumped into you. I tried to call you but I dropped my own bag. Hope I’m not late,” he said with a wide smile.

At this point, you can see his face clearly.

You are in shock while saying, “Kim Jaejoong-sshi, what are you doing here ?”

He replied with curious looks, “Do I know you?”



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