[Chap. 3] remember ?

remember ? - jaejoong you - chapter image

You open your eyes slowly. At first you can’t focus on your vision but someone puts his hand on your shoulder and shakes you smoothly.

“Hey, are you okay?”

The next moment, you saw large eyes stares at you again. It’s him, again. His gaze stuck on you with a fright expression on his face. You nodded slowly and try hard to stand up but your legs weren’t strong enough to sustain your body. He sat you down and then gives you a bottle of mineral water.

You take the bottle from his hand and searching for your bag. Finally you realize that you are at an exclusive lounge, not at the waiting room. You look around you and find your bag on the table in front of you. You took out some pills from your pouch and drink it on one shot with the water. You gave the empty bottle to him without any expression. He just stares at you without any word too.

“Mr. Kim, I would like to catch my flight, if you don’t mind.” You stand up and walk to the door.

“But we missed our flight already, because of you,” said Kim Jaejoong.

“What do you say?” You turned around to face him.

“I said, we missed our flight because of you.” He repeated.

“Why is it because of me? Why you said ‘our flight’?”

“You fainted, remember? I took you to this lounge and wait until you woke up. And that’s how we missed our flight to Thailand,” he explain and glanced at the flight schedule on big screen. You follow his glance and check your flight number.

Singapore Airlines to Thailand: departed.

Need a minute until you realize you have to reschedule your meeting. You sat back to the couch and start to open your iPad. You want to send some emails to rearrange your meeting but something wrong with your gadget. You couldn’t connect to wifi service or internet. You checked your phone and the battery was drained. ‘Perfect bad day’ you murmured to yourself.

“You can use this if you really need it.” He smiles and offers his smart phone, newest type of blackberry, to be exact.

Both of you exchanges glare for a while before you decided to take his offer. You dialed your assistant’s number.

“Hello, who is this?” Your assistant answer with a bass tone.

“Andrew, this is me. I missed my flight to Thailand. Can you help me to rearrange my meeting for a day? I couldn’t connect to the internet now. Please send apologize email behalf of me. Tell Arvy to finish the shooting earlier and send the unedited video to me tomorrow. Don’t forget to check my mailbox at the office. I will contact you, once I arrived at Bangkok.” You talked in a fast tone.

“Wait..Wait… are you in Korea now? I thought you went to Singapore?” Andrew, your assistant asked with high curiosity.

“What? I’m at Singapore airport now. Who said that rumor?”

“Your number is a Korean number.” You hesitate for a while and realize,

“Ah, this one isn’t mine. I borrowed it.”

“But…” You cut his answer, “No ‘but’, just do what I asked you and don’t ask anymore.”

You cut the phone line and give the phone to Kim Jaejoong who watch your action with interest.

“Thanks. Maybe the cost will be expensive; you can claim the charge to my office. My assistant will take care of it.” You took out your name card and give it to him.

He felt uncomfortable with your words but still take your name card. He read it carefully.

“Ms, —- , creative director. AdWar- advertising agency.”

“Yes? Feels familiar?” You look at him intensely.

“Hmm? What are you talking about? Why it sounds like you’ve known me before?” Jaejoong look at you again with curious expression.

“Don’t you remember?” You start to pack your stuff in your bag. Then you left him on the couch and walk to the door. Before finally open the door, you turn around and say,

“Mr. Kim Jaejoong, I’m going to help you to remember me. My advertising agency is the one who responsible for your previous vitamin CF. I’m the one who in charge of that project. On the day of filming, you came with swollen eyes and a red face after getting drunk from the party the night before. I, as director, decided to delay the filming because the talent wasn’t ready enough. But your arrogant manager told me to continue filming because of your busy schedule. Then you fainted at the set, remember?” You explain in detail and Jaejoong swallow hard and talk in slow tone,

“so.. You are.. the director.. and I puke…” Jaejoong stammered;

“Yes, you puked to my clothes when I direct you, exactly before you fainted. On the next day, I refuse to work with an unprofessionalism artist like you; so I got fired from this project.” You said that in a cold tone.

Remember that moment really make you sick. You are perfectionist and when someone ruined your plan, you couldn’t resist it. You chose to lose your job than works with some unprofessionalism parties. Jaejoong open his mouth but you cut his word.

“No need to say sorry. I hate it. And I hate the kiss too. I’m not your fangirl that fainted cause your kiss. I have allergic to everything I hate. Good bye. Hope we didn’t meet again”” You open the door and walk out, leaving Kim Jaejoong inside the lounge with a blank expression.



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