[Chap. 2] kiss allergic

kiss allergic - jaejoong you - chapter image

“Of course I know you. TVXQ Kim Jaejoong. An actor, a singer and an.. ”

Suddenly you stopped your words because that man, Kim Jaejoong, cupped your mouth and drag you to another corner of the waiting room. You are too weak to fight back and forced to follow him. He sat you down to the chair and stare deeply into your eyes.

“Please don’t tell anyone that you meet me.. I know I’m famous but please don’t tell anyone, okay? I won’t let paparazzi and fangirls going crazy because of me. Deal ?” He whispered to your left ear and his face was so close to your face. You couldn’t say any word and only stare back at him with your big eyes.

Kim Jaejoong chuckled and get closer to you. “Okay, I got it. Here’s the seal” and then he kissed your lips smoothly.

You gasped and pushed him away but once again he pressed his lips on yours then stand up.

“We called that lips promise. Don’t forget.” He smirked and left you in shock at the waiting room.

In the next second, you feel the world was shaken and suddenly dark.

You fainted because of the kiss.

Yes, you have an allergy to a kiss.



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