[Chap. 18] not a real goodbye, i guess


Noona….” A pair of puppy eyes now staring in front of you. His hand waves an ice cream cone happily.

You sigh and stand from your seat.

“Noona, sorry.” He murmured softly and grabs your wrist. You looked at his puppy eyes and sighed.

“No more sorry next time.” You take the ice cream and licked it, “and tell your hyungs to not hide and let you being the scapegoat.” Sungjong smiles in victory and yelled, “you heard that hyungs.. Come out.”

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[Chap. 3] I Tell You the Truth


“Hahaha… Your joke is so funny, Song,” manager Lee broke the silence with a loud laugh, make the other laughed too.

You were looking at him, move your stare to Assistant Kim and the rest of the boys. They laughed and continue their previous activity.

“Wow, you guys really a popular artist, aren’t you?” this time, you ducked your head, to whisper on Kris’s ear. He surprised with your sudden act and this kind of closeness.

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[Chap. 1] Turning Point


“Everyone, pay attention to me, please!” Your boss shouted from his cubicle, across your cubicle. In instant you stood up from your chair, exchange glances with your college on your right and left side. Some of your friends shrugged to your glances, waiting for hopefully-a-good news from your boss.

“We won the pitch! SK Company will be our biggest client! No need to worry for this year bonus, outing and so on. We won!” Your boss yelled and clapped his hands in glee.

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[Chap. 16] Fifth Day

Fifth Day - hoya infinite jaejoong kyuhyun romance you twist - chapter image


Fifth day in Bangkok.

At 8am, you already arrived at hotel’s gym. You wore a purple tank top and short pants, with your favorite sport shoes. You ride a treadmill and starts to running. You put your headset and play random songs from your iPod. After 30 minutes, you start to sweat heavily while enjoying your sport session. You saw Hoya come into the gym, so you throw a smile at him and wave your hand. He noticed your presence and come toward you. He took the treadmill beside you, set it and starts running. Both of you exchange look and giggle.

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